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"I knew that bringing the cellphone to camping was a good idea!"


Conor is a 14-years-old human boy with green eyes and messy, blonde hair. He wears a shirt that is themed after downtime- the top being yellow, and slowly going down to purple. He wears jeans and black shoes. He also has freckles. He wears a necklace with a blue chalcedony gemstone on it. He also has a dagger which he rarely uses.


His SOUL color is mint green.


Conor is rather optimistic and curious, though he can easily be angered, and he never trusts anyone that easily, especially monsters. He is also active and adventurous, which comes from his SOUL, that means excitement.


Conor and his parents decided to camp around Mt. Ebott one day, seeing if the myth is true. They decided to go up into the mountain, just to peek, only for Conor to accidentally trip and fall. He was able, however, to send a text message to his parents. His overall backstory was really similiar to Frisk's, even though he came a month before Frisk fell. He met everyone up until Asgore. Conor decided to temporarilly live with Sans and Papyrus until he could find a way to destroy the barrier.



At the start, Conor was gratefull for Toriel temporarilly keeping him in her home, though he grew a small dislike-ness over her when she stopped him from escaping the RUINS, even though he was able to sneak out of the RUINS.


Conor didn't think much of Sans when he first met him, but when Sans let Conor live in their living room, their friendship has turned brother-like.


Conor enjoyed Papyrus' cocky yet naive attitude ever since they first met, though their friendship has definitly grew ever since they shared his house with Conor.


Conor doesn't likes Undyne that much. The first time they met, she tried to kill him, and after he escaped, they didn't see each other anymore. He prefers if it stays like that.


Conor is Alphys' friend. She got him into Underground anime, even though she can be rather annoying sometimes, Conor knows she isn't like that purposely.


Conor dislikes Mettaton. For him, Mettaton is a killer robot obsessed with popularity, and there was enough of these in the surface.


  • His SOUL color means excitement.
  • This is a WIP.

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