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The Foxy Mouse

An angry and cheery little monster, Cordelia is a monster found in Snowdin, whose desire for fighting is as big as Mount Ebott itself. She loves using her fire magic both for cooking and for fighting. 

She loves to train with her fire magic and her sabre, slowly being better at fighting each day. Her backstory is completely occult and hidden.

She can be fought during the Neutral and Pacifist runs, and she can be found hiding in the darkness during the Genocide Run.


None as of yet.





Lesser Temmie, "FUN", fighting, lurking in the shadows





Romantic Partners



(OOC: I apologise if it is too powerful. Please change if overpowered.)

HP: 2000

Attack: 15

Defense: 20

EXP on Kill: 100

Gold on Win: 100

ACTs: Check, Flirt, Compliment, Yell At, Fake Punch, Talk

LCTN: Snowdin, MTT Resort


(OOC: I apologise if it is too powerful. Please change if overpowered.)


Like Red, Cordelia can use her sabre to slice the dialogue box. However, when she slices it, the pieces fly around like little cages, with various copies of your SOUL inside, so you have to figure out which one is your SOUL.



Soul Mode

Cordelia can change your SOUL mode to Hazel soul mode. The dialogue box will be filled with Snowdin's dense fog, and a few SOUL silhouettes will spawn, including yours. You'll have to find out which SOUL you are to dodge the attacks, and whenever you stop, the other silhouettes stop with you.

Hazel Soul

The fight can include other modes, such as blue, green, and yellow, but the concept remains the same.


  • Cordelia was slightly based off of Delphox, a pokemon.
  • One of the reasons for Cordelia to be made is originality, but she ended up unoriginal.

Flavour Text

"Cordelia sneaks in!" - Encounter

"Cordelia lurks into the fight!" - Encounter

"Cordelia suddenly showed up!" - Encounter

"A foxy mouse." - Check

"You tell Cordelia that she's great at magic. She blushes a little." - Compliment

"You flirt. Cordelia is disgusted by your attempt." - Flirt #1

"You keep on flirting. Cordelia is about to puke." - Flirt #2

"You tell Cordelia she has a pretty sweet a" - Flirt #3 (This text is interrupted by an incredibly strong attack)

"You can't flirt anymore." Flirt #4+

"You're officially classified as 'furry' now." Flirt #4+

"You're a child." Flirt #4+




(Feel free to add your own drawings/photos of Cordelia!)


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