"The song of sirens is too great...but will you follow their dying cries?"

CoreTale, sometimes stylized as CORETale is an AU (Alternate Universe) where Gaster (and soon others) are lured to the Core and flung through space and time.

Ownership and Credits

This is owned by me. The layout was based on Militale.


Long ago, in a large mountain,

a man fell into his machine.

His name was Gaster, and his machine was the CORE.

This machine, however...

...was alive.

It told him to lure people to the CORE for energy.

And so he did.

Soon, the siren song of the CORE was so great, a child named Frisk heard it. She fell down, down, down...and met Sans. Sans...the flower.


Aside from Frisk and Sans the flower, all the characters are ghostly sirens that try to lure the two into the Core. (That includes OCs.)

  • Sans the Flower: Gaster's siren had stolen Sans's soul and turned him into a flower. He was stuck in the Ruins for a long time before Frisk had put him into a flower pot.
  • Frisk: Frisk is a human girl who had heard the siren song. Despite her best efforts to fight it, she found her self in the Ruins with Sans the flower. She immediately took an affectionate pity on him.
  • Temmothy Badtem: A siren, and ex-professor at Cool leg. Frisk and Sans are confronted by him in the Castle.
  • Wutertech: A siren and ex-prof. at Cool leg. Sans and Frisk are confronted by him in the Castle.


Ruins of the Ruins: Sans's current home and the old monster capital.

Redsnow: A ghastly, gory town where Sans used to live.

Empty Falls: A dark, damp village full of Temmie sirens. Monster Kid's siren rules the village.

Corrosive Lavalake: An acid-filled volcano. Mettaton's siren and many others gather here to wail and lure new prey.

"The Consumer" The Core: A large, mechanical engine. It has (literal) breath-taking abilities.

The Castle: A giant, maze-like castle.

The Broken Barrier: A long-since broken version of the Barrier.


  • If you don't want to be a siren, then don't play as OCs or the CCs not listed.
  • No NSFW.
  • Don't be OP. (I'm looking at you, Ender!)

A RP will be coming soon!

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