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Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.  [C]Many years later...      The monsters entrapped underground did not lose hope, despite everything. Instead, they adapted to their society, and found a peaceful, happy home in their prison underground. After the monster species travelled as refugees through the caverns west of the underground, all the way to the east, they then established themselves not as refugees, but as people who have found their home. Hope also filled the kingdom through the wisdom, guidance, and kindness of their dear rulers, King Asgore, and Queen Toriel Dreemurr.      After a long time, Toriel finally came with child, boring a young Asriel Dreemurr into the world. The kingdom rejoiced after many years of declining hopes and dying dreams. Despite the suitable accommodations made by the intuitive species, it still could not be helped the fact that they were all trapped, with all but no means of freedom. The sun hung so close to them, and yet so far from their kingdom. They needed seven human souls, absorbed by a monster, in order to destroy the barrier which trapped them. No human would dare tread upon the mountain, as they remembered what lurked there for a great amount of time and generations.      However over time, a very long time, those bloody and dusty wars seem to have been forgotten, or at least only vaguely recalled of. After all of these years, a child had fallen down, not long after Asriel had turned ten. Upon discovering the young, wounded child, all lessons and memories of previous war and the duty to destroy the barrier had been forgotten. He took the young child with him home, where the child was taken into his family, and became a Dreemurr.      A happy, joyful time, which filled the monsters with hope and joy. And yet despite this, it was not to last. Overtime, this child had come to discover the situation of monsterkind, and her sympathy settled in. It was then, that she became determined to free them all. She convinced her adoptive brother Asriel, to kill her, and absorb her soul. He had refused, and she realized it was too much to ask him to take in that LOVE. She decided to accomplish her goals by her own means, and found a patch of buttercup flowers.       After ingesting the poisonous material, she found it difficult to accomplish on her own. Soon, Asriel had discovered her intentions, and realizing that it was better to help her rather than to stop her, despite how sad the decision was, he told her that he would help her make it into a pie. However, the pieces already ingested were already enough, and she was bedridden within minutes. After an afternoon, night, and morning of hopelessly waiting for her to recover, she had finally passed away.      In an emotional outrage, Asriel reached out to her soul, and absorbed her. However, something went wrong, and he felt his own Determination seep out of him. In a last ditch effort to save her last and only child, Toriel used her magic to take the soul in his stead, taking the burden. Her very Determination was being devoured, the child's soul acting as a starving parasite to her very will to live. In front of her own husband and son, she had fallen down by her own hand.      In one day, a queen and princess were taken from the Underground, depriving the kingdom of their hopes. The events had sapped at much of Asriel's determination, and he wasn't the same child he was prior. King Asgore wasn't at his best either, however, he upheld his duty as the ruler of the Underground, and his first act was to declare an official war against humanity, in order to provide hope for the kingdom. Any human that crossed their borders, were to be greeted the same way they were long ago. Over time, humans had fallen down, many of them were good, but had to be taken down and added to the treasury of souls. However, one day a human arrived, who were terrible in their wake.      Much of the kingdom had fallen to this human, causing chaos and fear to ensue into the hearts of many. At last, they had arrived to meet Asgore, and they clashed a great battle. After a long battle, the human had fallen, and another soul was added. The battle proved too much to Asgore's old, dusty body, and he too parted from the world. With neither a king, queen, or heir to the throne, the kingdom fell into further disarray. There was but one heir capable or deserving of the role now, for better or worse. Asriel Dreemurr.      . The young prince became a young king, granted his father's trident, but not having the determination in his heart to wield it. Much of the kingdom had forgotten of the kindness and leadership of their former rulers. Devoid of Determination, it also made his kindness fade. As a Boss Monster, he was unable to age as his father did, at least past the physical age of twenty-four. He was neither cruel nor generous, and he often remained in his old, abandoned home. The only passion left in his heart was his garden, where each of his family had died. Time had not healed his wounds, and as each child fell, he had slain the ones that came before him, as an act of war towards freedom. Now, six souls were in their possession, and still, no one was any closer to hopeful freedom than when they had none.    Now a final human has come, a child filled with Determination but for how long? Can she make it past all the trials and tribulations?  Or will she perish in trying? Its all up to fate now.  "Unwürdig bergentrückung."*Undeserving King Of The Mountain* Cue in the Protaganist. Theme of AU: The Character Frisk Slowly loses determination and tries to free all of the monsters before her Determination Runs out
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CrimsonFade Asriel Dreemurr (Second Form) The Current King

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CrimsonFade Sans. He Hates Humanity and by extension Frisk. at least when They first meet.

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