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Danny has dark black, curly hair that stops near the bottom of his ears. Danny often wears a red shirt with strange symbols on the front. Covering the shirt is normally a red leather jacket with a black star on the back. Danny wears leather pants that fit somewhat tightly around the waist, and often emphasize the lower half of his body. Danny wears customized high tops, which cover his ankles. His shoes are dark blue with black outline. Danny has several tattoos on his back, but these are hard to notice.


Although many of his fans consider Danny to be an overall nice and cool guys, this is far from the truth. Danny holds many prejudices from The War, about both humans and monsters. Danny is very close minded, and does not embrace new ideas very well. While Danny is often times relaxed, he becomes very uncomfortable after the mention of certain things and stereotypes. Danny spends most of his time looking for new music to parody in The Dump, and performing at several popular venues. Danny often tries to seduce women, but often fails in these attempts.


Slade - Danny is Slade's older brother, and the person who raised him. Although they have had their differences over time, Danny still supports Slade and his decisions. Danny is still unaware of Slade's relationship with Bryson. Slade plays a lot of Danny's music on his radio station, and in return, Danny gets Slade tickets to high profile events often.


  • Danny is straight, and very homophobic.
  • Danny insists that Slade uses the wrong last name.
  • Danny says the family last name is "Nightstar".
  • Danny witnessed The War between Humans and Monsters
  • It is unsure if he served in The War, but he often talks of The War's hardships.

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