Dark Derek.

(This guy may or may not get a huge rework)

Dark Derek is a mind entity.

He represents Derek's bad side of his mental state.

Geno Theme -

Battle Theme -

Regular 'creepy' theme -

Regular Theme -


This is THE WAR KID's RP character. Currently WIP

Ask for permission to edit.


He wears a red hoodie, sometimes bloody, dark jeans, brown hiking boots, and a blue trucker hat with 'Overcharge' on the front in orange, the O having a sniper-like cross in it, and the font of the text is 'Overdrive Sunset.' His age is unknown, with medium natural black coloured hair with a messiness to it that reaches down most of the back of his neck, normal eyebrows, and a caucasian skin type. He dosesn' seem to have any eyes, but he does have Derek's glowing red eye thing.


As Dark Derek represents Derek's depression, anxiety, despair, and hatred, he has the personality of Sadness, Anxious, Hopeless, and Angry. Although, Dark Derek does seem to have a caring personality towards Derek, and sometimes towards those helping Derek.


Due to Derek's backstory, he was created as a way for Derek to cope with himself. When he was first created, he was very...Different. Having an almost identical personality. Over time, he adopted Derek's bad personality traits, so Derek never showed them. The only two that still show are A bit of depression and some anger.



  • Derek - [Hes the reason he exists]
  • Knife - [GF]


  • Derek - [When they Fight]


    • AT: 48
    • DF: 41
    • HP: 78
    • Is that....Derek? (if previously met Derek)
    • He doesn't seem to belong.


    • Check
    • Talk
    • Threaten
    • Insult
  • Talk - [You try talking to Dark Derek] "Heh, think just talking to me is gonna do anything?"
    • Threaten - [You Threaten Dark Derek to leave you alone] "Oh, really now?"
    • Insult [You insult Dark Derek] "Point. Proven."
Flavor Text
    • He seems Familiar - Encounter (If previously met Derek)
    • Who is that? - Enocunter
    • Dark Derek Slides his knife across his neck. - Random Text
    • Dark Derek seems to be smiling mishchivously. - Random Text
    • Dark Derek slides his hand across the blade of his knife. - Random Text
    • Dark Derek bite on his knife slightly, licking it. - Random Text
    • He looks hurt, finally. - Medium HP.




Pacifist/Neutral Edit

TBV - voice

"Hey. I bet I don't look right, huh?" - Introduction.

"Your worst then me. Killing without any purpose. You know, just like Derek would've said; things like you should be sitting on a nice hot flame in hell. Well, I'm happy to oblige...Let's see how you get out of this one." -Dark Derek to a Geno.


  • Dark Derek cannot 'die' when In battle, as he will just disappear when low health. If he had previously 'fail saved' Derek, this will ultimatly leave Derek open for a final blow.
  • Dark Derek acts as a 'Fail Safe' for Derek, as when He's low on HP, he'll come out instead, protecting Derek.
  • Dark Derek is able to take a mental form. Although, with enough time inside someones mind, he could effectively begin to become physical, but this would take MUCH time.
  • The only way to kill Dark is to kill Derek, leaving him no reason to exist, making him Non-existent


Book Simon was a huge inspiration for Dark Derek.


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