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The delta rune guardian was found by toriel when she saw it through a crack in a wall. She opened it with her fire magic and found the guardian.The guardian's origin is unknown but some thing it was a guardian of the ruins. One day it wondered out of the ruins and into waterfall, were it meet clover who was wandering. They quickly become friends and formed a strong bond, both caring for each other. The guardian wont let any harm come to clover at that point.


The guardian is massive, towering even asgore. The huge golem is made of ancient old rock giving it a withered mossy look.It has the delta rune symbol on it's chest and right hand. In the middle of it has a gem which hold ancient power. The eyes are usually closed but when the guardian opens it eyes it only open the left one revealing a gem inside. The gems turn to different color depending on which kind of attack the guardian uses. The right shoulder has a spike and the left side of it's head has a horn as the right horn is broken. It appears to be a Statue of asgore.



  • None,not even its creator


  • Clover


  • Toriel,Gerson,sans


  • Chara,those who threaten the ruins and monsters



  • HP:750
  • AT:20
  • DF:20
  • EXP On Kill:1000
  • Gold on Win:750


  • HP:750
  • AT:15
  • DF:40
  • EXP On Kill:250
  • Gold on Win:100


  • HP:5000
  • AT:25
  • DF:40
  • EXP On Kill:3000
  • Gold on Win:1000





The statue or what ever it is stands there. [Pacifist route]

The guardian blocks the way. [Neutral route]

The guardian towers over you [genocide route]

Flavor Text

you stare at the stares back. [stare]

You hug the guardian's don't know why. [hug]

You threaten the slightly moves [threaten]


  • The moss of its bodg is extremely valuable. It sells at a high price and can be used in many medicines.




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