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Derek is a 27 year old "human" male.

Geno Theme -

If you killed Markus, and/Or Ryker -

Battle Theme -

'Play' Battle Theme -

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This is THE WAR KID's RP character. Currently WIP

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He wears a red hoodie, dark jeans, brown hiking boots, and a blue trucker hat with 'Overcharge' on the front in orange, the O having a sniper-like cross in it, and the font of the text is 'Overdrive Sunset.' He is the age of 27 with medium natural black colored hair that reaches down most of the back of his neck, thin eyebrows, and a caucasian skin type. He carries with him a pocket knife, along with a singular brass knuckle. He also has a red right eye and a blue left eye, and in battle his right eye may begin to glow red, and leave a fire like trail with it. His eyes were birth defects, but over time, he began to develop a condition of his fire like eye.


Derek is a sorta laid back guy at times, he's always talking a lot, sometimes to much talking, and having a liking to good food. He's also a friendly guy, but tends to accidently make people angry. He's also a slob, always leaving a mess, and eating WAY to fast. He's also reckless in general, often disregarding safety. He's also got a southern talk but no accent to him, his voice is actually sounds in a more bass regain, but reasonable enough for his size and age.


Derek used to be part of a large mafia family, or a gang, so to say. This ‘family’ of his adopted him in at the age of 12, as he used to live on the streets at a young age, was with them until he was 27. He was usually the Courier of the group, usually just bringing things from point A to point B, and bring whatever from point B to point C, and ruff anyone up in the way. He always carried around with him a knife and a singular brass knuckle, to hide it easier. On one of his runs, the cops followed him, and he didn't notice. Once he went back to his Gang, the cops came up to the place, and immediately opened fire. It became a bloodbath within minutes. Even though Derek tried to help around getting wounded out, most were already dead or wounded beyond saving. He was terrified, all the people he loved and cared about we're all dead or to hurt to stand. He ran off, towards Mt.Ebott, where he inevitably fell into the underground. Via this, he blames himself for all the deaths of his ‘family’ causing him to go into a permanent state of depression, with the feeling of how he should of died in there instead of living it, survivor's guilt. Because of this, a very special thing happened. He created himself a 'Mind Entity' that helped him cope with his troubles, balming 'it' for everything that happend, that 'it' is what made him like this, but it ultimately evolved into more. The entire Night that this happened, he calls it 'That Night.' He refrens from calling it anything else, and is often seen in a sad mood if he were to mention that term.




  • Ryker - [He visits this guy anytime he needs something, or someone to talk to]
  • Markus - [A member of his family on the surface]


  • The Great Avv - [He bought this guy a milkshake]


  • TBD



  • AT: 48 (18 comes from his Knucks, 17 comes from the knife )
    • DF: 40
    • HP: 60 (due to being human)
    • Seems a bit talkative.


    • Check
    • Talk
    • Flirt
    • Threaten
    • Insult
  • Talk - [You compliment Derek, he gives a thanks] "Hey, thanks for that."
    • Threaten - [You Threaten Derek to leave you alone] "Oh, tough guy, are we? it least you got courage."
    • Flirt - [You wiggle your hips and tell Derek an overused line] "Hey, practice a little, and you'll get some real babes/guys, whatever your into"
    • Insult #1-3 [You insult Derek] "Heh, insults don't get to me easy, sorry."
    • Insult #4 - [You insult Derek] "That's getting a bit old, pal."
    • Insult #5 - [You say Derek causes problems] "No, I don't, your just assuming.' His ATK dropped.
    • Insult #6 - [You tell Derek he couldn't defend any of his friends] "I can defend them, without a doubt." His DEF dropped.
Flavor Text
  • Derek gives you a slight wave. -Pacifist/Neutral encounter
    • Derek puts his hands in his jacket, rolling his shoulders. -Random text
    • Derek grins. -Random text.
    • Derek yawns. -Random text
    • Derek begins to flip his knife, only to immediatly regret his decisions and picks the knife up after it hits the ground -Random Text
    • Derek begins humming a song. -Random text


First attack - Knife Swipe - He slices the bullet board very rapidly 3 times for pacifist, 4 for neutral, and 6 for geno, and this can be dodged depending on where he pulls the knife out at. If he pulls it out and its top right of him, go bottom left, if he pulls it out top left, go bottom right, and vice versa. Upon hit, this has a 50-50 chance of causing bleed, which acts similar to San's karma system, which it bleeds HP over time.

Second attack - Brass beast - He pulls out his brass knuckle, and it will act like Asgore's blue and orange attack. When he moves his fist from right to left or left to right, thats an orange, if he shakes his fist up and down, its a blue. Once he attacks it will be a fast full bullet board attack, that it swings in a slow succession. This goes 4 for pacifist, 5 for neutral, and 7 for geno.

Third attack - Shank - This acts similar to Knife Swipe, including the bleed, but instead of a slash, its a stab, which Derek pulls out his knife, and rapidly stabs at the bullet board, and there isn't any warning areas, instead, his animation changes to where the knife will strike, and this can strike 3 times, with a 4th sometimes thrown in

Fourth attack(last) - Mix up - He uses both knife and brass knuckle, he uses knife swipe first and does brass beast while he's slashing, making you try to move and see what his attacks for his knuckle to be. The amount depending on path is the same as the attacks alone.


Pacifist/Neutral Edit - voice

"Hey, the names Derek." -Introduction

You're a killer, a freak! a little weirdo, a coward! You're a thing! You don't feel emotion, and to be honest, those kinda things should be sitting on a nice hot flame in hell right now. So come at me, I'm an obstacle, right? So try to hurdle over this one.” - Derek to a geno.

If Derek were to chose a favorite track from the Undertale OST, He'd immediately say megalovania.

  • He likes to give random nicknames to people, to remember them easier.
  • Derek isn't as strong as some might think, so he uses intimidation methods to strike fear into opponents to lower their DEF, allowing for an easier time.
  • Derek has 2 major fears: One being a friend meeting their demise next to him, and Two having major problems arise due to his actions.
  • Derek utilizes moving around and getting away from people tell he can strike safely to be of advantage.
  • Derek is a bit of an emotional mess hidden by 'fake' cockiness and courage. If you were a friend or a Pacifist, he may at random in battle skip his turn to feel better.
  • Derek has had 1 on-going gimmicks, this is often drinking milkshakes.
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