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Deukon is a Gravespawn information broker usually seen in a suit with a bowler hat and a monocle, but with a pistol concealed in one of his pockets just to be safe. He speaks with a well educated and intellectual voice. As a child he woke up on the streets, most likely abandoned by his parents, but he actually was converted but lost his memory leading up to his conversion. It was on the streets he somehow managed to learn to read, write and speak properly,(He mainly learnt these things from other street urchins and monsters kind enough to teach him) and to use information to his advantage.

He was first arrested at the age of 26 (years after waking up) after he was exposed for 28 accounts of blackmail, tax avoidance, and 1 account of murder. He would then forever hold a grudge against the two main officers involved in his arrest, Alphys and Undyne.

Over his time in the streets he started to enjoy strong alcohol and money. He then realized he could make money by dealing people's secrets for money. He weighs 104.5kg and is 7'2. He lives in an apartment on the top floor of the building, which he views as a safe haven and a good place to see if anyone enters the building who might look for him.

He has a small microphone hidden in the entryway of the building which he can listen through in case there are officers outside so he knows if they're coming for him or someone else, or just standing there. He has slowly developed and still is developing a spy net around the city, so he can find out new information whilst still keeping himself safe, although he is the one who actually gives the information.

Deukon is proficient with pistols and shotguns, also preferring to use those in a firefight. He uses a WWI style trench gun, and a simple pistol to fight others with. His current age since waking up is 34, but he is actually 235 years old and he was 10 when he was converted (yes that means he was hibernating/asleep/unconscious for 191 years) and he only knows his skull is weaker than normal not htat he is a Gravespawn.

Relations & Affiliations


  • None


  • Just about every one who wants information on someone else.


  • Alphys
  • Undyne


  • Neutral



  • HP: Player's AT(Player's LV + 1)
  • AT: 10
  • DF: 10
  • EXP On Kill: 20
  • Gold On Win: 20


  • HP: Double player's AT
  • AT: 5
  • DF: 2
  • EXP On Kill: 20
  • Gold On Win: 50


  • HP: 10
  • AT: 10
  • DF: 1
  • EXP On Kill: 20
  • Gold On Win: 2


Mercy available if Deukon is on half health or if Talk is used twice and Compliment is used once.

  • Maybe we should negotiate this [Mercy Available]
  • You're too kind [Compliment]
  • It's rude to stare you know. [Check]
  • It's good to know there are more well educated and well learned people in this world [Talk 1]
  • You have proven yourself worthy of my time, mind and breath. [Talk 2]
  • How dare you! [Insult]
  • Ha... Ha... very funny. [Joke]
  • Now that wasn't very nice of you was it? [Hurt]
  • Scatter... My... Dust... [Death]

Flavor Text

  • He looks like he wants to end this. [Mercy Available]
  • You tell Deukon his suit looks very nice and that he is very smart. [Compliment]
  • A shady information dealer. [Check]
  • You start a conversation about mathematics. [Talk 1]
  • You talk about how each of you got to where you/they are now. [Talk 2]
  • You say is clothing is very untidy and messy and that he is an idiot. [Insult]
  • You make a terrible joke. He doesn't seem to like it. [Joke]


  • Check
  • Joke
  • Talk
  • Compliment
  • Insult


  • Deukon's font is Blackadder ITC.
  • Deukon actually had three different design versions, the living embodiment of Wrath, an insane doctor, and an information broker.
  • Deukon is officially part of the Mafiatale page on this wiki



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