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Brecius Crennad is a Gravespawn and the Director of the Satisregios, Head of the Regestapo, and devout follower of Eneich Skullwind, almost viewing him as a god among men. He wears highly resistant steel armor, again with the E.G symbol on it, but also with markings which designate his rank of Director, the highest rank of a Gravespawn in the security group. He dual wields axes in battle, along with a shield, sword, and crossbow.

He speaks with a more posh British accent, and his true form is a relatively normal looking skeleton, with no signs of damage because he is of an age where he most recently became a complete skeleton, being converted 150 years before the Human-Monster war. His original form is a monocle-wearing cat.


Brecius has a rather brutish personality, being ruthless and rude in many of his actions, but is very respectful when in the presence of those higher ranked than him, or foreign statesmen. When angered Brecius is probably the most disrespectful person in existence.


Brecius was converted 4 years before the Human-Monster war and joined the ranks of The Skulltombs and reached the position of second-in-command of Eneich's personal guard in 3 and a half years. When the war came he advised Eneich to stay neutral until he can find others who share his ideas and plans.

When The Skulltombs and Immortal Invaders united, Brecius was given command of a small, elite unit which was almost completely wiped out by the end of the war, losing many a good soldier in the process.

After the war, he along with Vladimir and Eneich were part of the Satisregios, all high ranking members of the organisation. When Eneich rose to power he was appointed as Director of the Satisregios and Head of the Regestapo. During his time many an Eternal Emperor has fallen, but he has vowed Eneich shall not share the fate of his predecessors.

At the point of the player arriving in the underground, Brecius has thwarted 18 attempts on Eneich's life, most of which never reached the attention of Eneich. He has also started to learn how to breathe black smog and to convert beings to Gravespawn.



HP: 3,000

AT: 10

DEF: 10

EXP On Kill: 40

Gold On Win: 28


HP: 14,000

AT: 23

DEF: 32

EXP On Kill: 75

Gold On Win: 75




In this battle Brecius will be found a slightly earlier than Eneich. His attacks are mainly axe swings and one or two sword hits, and the first attack the player lands will be blocked, but then the rest will act normally. To win this fight the player must challenge once and then spare twice.


In this Brecius will actually fight when you first strike Eneich, blocking the hit with his shield then attack in a large flurry of attacks. In this he will use a combination of axe strikes, sword hits, rapid-firing crossbow shots, and a small and weak amount of dark smog.

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