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Displacers are a rare humanoid species of monsters who have the ability to render themselves and others invisible by using a 'Displacer field' which can be used as a 'dome' to cover a group or used as a skin tight cloak. They can also see invisible or camouflaged beings with their eyes but overusing these can cause temporary blindness and headaches. They can also create images of themselves to confuse and disorient enemies. Displacers are wanderers and often prefer to travel alone making it uncommon to find a group or village of Displacers. They are a often a neutral race but some Displacers will take up jobs as spies or assassins.


Displacers commonly wear a long cloak and masks to hide their faces and identities as they just want to avoid people or hide their identity. They also wear long clothing such as pants, gloves, and shirts to keep warm and keep out the elements. Displacers are often tall and are rarely short, some believe Displacers are tall so manuring can be easier when climbing up a tall structure. Their common clothing colors are usually dark but may be lighter depending where they spend most of their time in. Despite being heavily cloaked, people have seen a Displacer without thier cloak. A Displacer's skin is often dark grey and the sclera of thier eyes are black, thier iris yellow and pupils black. Thier hair is also commonly dark colored but im some rare cases it white or red.


Displacers are known for their ability to become invisible and creating images of themselves, But they are most known for their Displacer eyes. Despite these powers, Displacers have no offense magic what so ever.

Displacer Field: The Displacer field is a magic field used to make the Displacer invisible. The field can be used two ways with one being that the field can be spread out into a dome useful when cloaking a group. Another way is the Displacer giving itself a 'cloak' which covers the body of the Displacer making only itself invisible. Displacer fields do have limits however as fields have a limit amount of time depending how large is the field is, how experienced is the Displacer and the energy they have left.

Displacer Clone: Displacers can create images of themselves to confuse and disorient enemies. The number of clones depends how skilled is the Displacer and how much energy they have left. The clones can copy the Displacer's movement or can be used to move to how the caster wants it to move. However clones are not physical and are only used to confuse or to escape. Clones do not have shadows or kick up debris and can be passed through.

Displacer Eye: The most known ability of the Displacer are their eyes. When activated, Displacers can see invisible or camouflaged beings making them easy to find. In their view, the vision get a little bit dark and they can see the souls of monsters. This is useful when looking for someone but like it's other abilities it has limits. The eye can only be activated for 5 seconds and requires a full minute of rest before using it again. If one were to exceed over 5 seconds, they would get a temporary lack of vision and headaches. If the Displacer goes on for a minute with the eye activated they will have blindness for a full hour. The eyes main weakness is a crowd, since Displacers can see souls, a whole group of monsters souls will pop up and can possibly hide the person they are looking for as the souls overcrowd the target soul.


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