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DollTale, also known as UnderToy, is an AU in which every monster in the Underground is a toy.


Long ago, two races ruled over Earth:

Makers and Toys

Wait. No. This isn't right.

Toys were banished a long time ago. They were thought to be created by dark magic for evil purposes. They disappeared, never to be seen again.

Until a certain child, Frisk, bought a small flower plush with their only money left. There were rumors about that plush. Like it could give you powers, or it could send you to another land while you sleep. But nobody dares to even touch it due to the fatal happenings of 7 humans. Even the first, Chara, was enough to put the humans in fear. But Frisk wanted this to happen.

When Frisk was soundly asleep, plush in hand, something happened. A white aura enveloped Frisk, are they were transported to Imagination Land.


  • Food is plastic.
  • Everybody is based off some kind of toy.
  • Items are instead known as "Accessories".
  • A SOUL is a little glowing soft plastic heart.
  • Some weapons are toys.
  • The Royal Guard is the "Toy" Guard.
  • Amalgamates are melted toys. They were melted when Alphys determination experiment went wrong, AND caused them to set on fire.
  • Instead of being killed, Toys get "broken".


Ruins of Parts (The Ruins)

The Ruins of Parts is where half-broken monsters live. Toriel takes care of them. The Ruins of Parts is also full of...well, parts! Its a bright purple, with gold and red lining the walls. Little pieces of broken-off candy litter the halls.

Toriels Home

The walls are yellow with lighter yellow stripes. White lines the walls. The floors are a soft and dark brown. All of the chairs and beds and kitchen stuff are toys, but they feel real and work. Even the fireplace is warm. As if you've been shrunken down and put into a doll house.

Snowflake Town (Snowdin)

The snow feels like cotton, but its still cold. The water is that of a sinks. Houses and shops are made from plastic or clay, clay you distinctly remember playing with. The Wooden Brothers house is made from stale gingerbread, stuck together with dried frosting mixed in with hints of glue. Inside, most things are hand-crafted. The forest before has trees made of paper and sticks. Plush dogs stay inside Grillbys, a small bar and grill made from dried clay and plastic.

Waterfalls (Waterfall)

Waterfalls reminds you of a glistening pool. Tiny light bulbs litter the area, making it seem like its filled with stars. The waterfalls are made by some means of science. Plastic rocks fall down every once in a while, and so do pieces of broken toy. Homes are made of plastic, clay, or any other material used in projects. A certain fishes house was painted uniquely, and had use of yarn for "hair". Music players actually play music, and drinks are real drinks in fake, tiny cups. Old, but real.

Lava Lands (Hotlands)

Lava Lands is filled with hot water, with the whole place painted or dyed orange. Buildings are made out of clay, since nobody wanted anything to be melted with plastic. The only place made of plastic that somehow hasn't melted is The Workshop. A water cooler sits by, filled with real water.

Alphys Workshop (Alphys Lab)

This is where it gets interesting. The workshop is full of broken pieces of accessories and toys. Its white, with light pink stripes on the walls. A bag of crumbs sit next to a fake desk and computer. A monitor, most likely a tablet, shows Frisk, everywhere they go.

True Workshop (True Lab)

The true workshop is home to the Amalgamates, Alphys creations. Its full of crazy inventions made out of all sorts of things.

MTT Hotel (MTT Resort)

The MTT Hotel is made entirely of plastic, metal, and clay. Full of rooms with small pieces of cloth as bedding and cardboard as comfy beds. The cashier is an actual shoe. No, seriously.

Garbage Dump

Where broken pieces go. Also with Alphys and Undyne date.

The Core

The core is where it all happens. Made with...well, nobody knows, actually. All they know is that its full of electronics.

New Home

Its the same as Toriel's home...just more..grey.

Judgement Hall

Made of cardboard and plastic. Its painted to look like shiny gold. Nothing really important here.

Canon Characters

I cannot upload sprites due to an unknown error.


Frisk is the same, but their outfit was partially changed. They wear the same sweater, but with brown skirt overalls over it. Yellow buttons are on the end and start of the straps. They wear red and black tights, with brown boots. The boots have a yellow button on each one. They have a heart stitched to their sweater.


Chara is also the same. They wear dark brown overalls that look a bit like pantaloons. A yellow button is stitched to the front. They also wear the same sweater. Their boots are brown, and they have black and red leggings that are a bit torn. Their sweater is torn, but has quickly-done stitches. One of their eyes is a red button


Toriel is a plush toy. Her pupils are replaced with red buttons, and her mouth is stitched on. She wears the same dress, but the sleeves also look stitched on, and the triangle-shape with the rune symbol is a patch. She offers you pie, but it's just plastic. Frisk can eat it anyway. The flavor choices are pumpkin or apple.


Sans is one of those wooden dolls with different parts able to be attached and detached. He is "painted" white. His pupils are white buttons, but one of them can be painted blue in about a split second. He wears his hoodie, but without the fuzz. The fuzz is replaced by a little scarf, grey in color. His shorts are grey with a blue stripe now, and his slippers are replaced by little plastic white shoes.


Papyrus is also a wooden doll, painted pearly white. His eyes are just painted on, but one or two can be painted orange. He wears red suspenders connected to his white shorts. He wears an orange, yellow, and white shirt, and a red tie to go along with it. His boots are white and red. He dreams of being in the Toy Guard


Undyne is made of glass, thus being able to melt. Even though she is made of glass, she's tough to break. She is painted blue, and her hair is thin strings of red wool. Her eyepatch has four straps now, and has a little fish painted on it. She also has painted on eyes, but more complex. She wears an old-fashioned dark green and black dress. Her boots are heels painted black, and she wears knee-high white socks. She is the leader of the Toy Guard.


Alphys is a plastic figure, but looks like a Vinyl Figure in appearance. She wears her normal glasses, and her lab coat is unbuttoned. She wears a red short dress with buttons. Her dress is layered with a lighter red. She wears black tights and black wedges.


Asgore is a plush, with the same cloak and armor. The golden shoulder pads and the rune symbol are shiny plastic. His hair and beard are yellow yarn, and his pupils are red buttons. He is the king of Imagination Land, and his trident is wooden.


Flowey is a little plush flower, the one that Frisk had bought. His facial expressions can change, somehow.

Asriel is also a plush, but, as expected, a goat. His outfit is the same as Chara's, but with more buttons, no boots, and more stripes on his sweater. In his God of Hyperdeath form, he practically wears the same outfit as Toriel, yet more demonic. The heart locket is just...a wooden locket. His pupils are also red buttons, and the lines under his eyes are thin paint lines.


Gaster is plastic. All he wears is a little black cloak, made of soft cloth.


Muffet is wooden, and wears pantaloons under her red-purple dress. A white bow is attached to the front, with buttons going down. She wears black leggings, with red buckle shoes. Her rounded sleeves are white. Her hair is made from yarn, somehow put in two ponytails with some ribbon. Her eyes are made from shiny glass. She wears silk gloves.


Grillby is a candle. I'm not kidding. Same outfit, same fire head, but his body is made of unmelting wax.


Napstablook is made of cut bedsheets. He floats by some unknown force. Blue gems line the bottom of his body, and his hat is made of glass.


Mettaton is made of plastic. His hair is Like the hair on dolls, actually. The only difference is that he wears black jeans, a black shirt, a pink jacket, and a heart belt. Apparently somebody thought he was a girl. Like a barbie doll.

Original Characters

Soon to be added.


Yes, this is made by me.

No, you may not use it unless I allow you to.

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