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Dominic Theme:

Dominic the (self-proclaimed) Dominator is a hard-boiled rabbit who is the leader of the biggest gang in Snowdin. He is currently the only member.


Dominic was born outside of Snowdin several years ago, and was one of many kittens his parents had. Although he did get along well with his siblings and parents, he was by far the least ambitious out of all of them. While his brothers and sisters all grew up to become successful workers (as successful as you can get in the Underground), Dominic prioritized honour over actual progress, and ended up essentially being shoved out of his home by his mom and dad.

Dominic would spend many moons gazing upon the stars and wondering what his role was in life. Then, upon seeing a human poster of some gangster film, he decided he'd become a respected gang leader. He moved to Snowdin (the backyard of an unknowing citizen), and later figured Grillby's was the perfect place to find potential new members, ignorantly believing it was a place for shady monsters.

Current life

Dominic is still living in Snowdin with no plans to leave any time soon, especially not before he's assembled a gang of monsters that will see him as their leader. He has grown quite addicted to the atmosphere of Grillby's and spends a large portion of his time there, sometimes scouting for likely companions, other times just getting a drink and discussing philosophical topics he in reality shouldn't be talking about. Sometimes after the aforementioned drinks, he likes to gaze at the "stars" near Waterfall and speculate about the meaning of it all. He almost always comes to the conclusion that he is very important.

Ever since he moved to the random Snowdin citizen's backyard, he's been expanding his hidden residence in the backyard, digging deeper into the earth and creating multiple rooms, one being a cozy (albeit bug-riddled) bedroom, another being a lonesome living room with a TV he'll watch a good documentary on every now and again. He has considered the possibility of moving into the home of whomever he will get to join his gang.


Dominic is harmlessly self-absorbed, being a firm believer of the fact that everything has a destiny and happens for a reason. He thinks there's more to the world than what meets the eye, and he's certain he's got something to do with at least some of it. Being the eccentric rabbit he is, he's always willing to openly discuss his views on life with other monsters, and is intrigued to hear other opinions, although he rarely prefers them over his.

He doesn't really consider the fact that his gang is seeing no progress at all, as he believes there is a time and a place for everything. He is slightly naive, which, in turn, makes him easy to manipulate. He doesn't treat betrayal lightly though, as he is a sucker for concepts like respect and honour, and gets enraged when they get defied.

He has a bit of a temper problem, often feeling "assaulted" when someone fires a negative comment his way. He can get stuck in anger, at times asking the same questions again and again without bothering to listen to the response, and mumbling to himself in frustration. However, he almost always quickly regrets his rage and apologizes to whomever he offended.

He has a rather mediocre sense of humor and often assumes people understand his references, even though he tends to horribly misquote them. What's worse is that he often tells jokes in a really dry voice, believing he'll seem chill while also making others laugh. This commonly doesn't work. If he does tell a joke that others seem to enjoy, he'll repeat it until it loses its initial appeal.

Dominic likes to help others out if he can, and regularly enjoys sharing his philosophical views with depressed monsters at Grillby's. He usually pulls the "there's more to this world than the eye can see" card, and it usually works. He sometimes uses this as a recruitment method, but more often than not, it's just to be a good guy. Stuff like this supports the idea of him being a valuable addition to the Underground.

Dominic's Necklace

Dominic sports a golden necklace with the Delta Rune symbol. It may not initially seem like much, but it was actually given to him by a faithful relative, who told him she was certain he'd make it far in life. He views this necklace as a symbol of progression and prospect, and an item that truly connects him to his family, and by extension, his humble roots.

He never takes it off, thinking it might destroy the elusive luck he imagines it brings. Whether he's taking a shower or sleeping, he always wears it around his neck. He's so used to having it there in fact, that he can't even feel it anymore. He's grown immune to its collision against his skin.

It also serves as an object of conversation; He likes to point it out to fellow monsters and stress its importance. He does not currently know what the Delta Rune symbol actually stands for.

The Pain

For a couple of months, Dominic's left foot has been aching. A week or two ago, he noted while he was in Grillby's that he felt a slight burning in the inner arch of his foot. The monsters sitting next to him told him he should go see a doctor, but he politely refused, saying he'd be alright. The pain has gotten worse since then, at times making him grunt in public.

He has an internal struggle with himself, debating whether or not he should seek help. Afraid it'd make him seem more vulnerable, he isn't a fan of the idea of getting professional treatment. Sometimes he tells others he'll go see a doctor, only to disregard the opportunity later.



  • His parents
  • His many siblings


  • Various citizens in Snowdin


  • None yet, but he is hiring


  • N/A


Neutral and Pacifist

In any route that isn't Genocide, the player can ask to join his gang. He will challenge them to a fight to prove their worth. If the player provokes him enough, he will flee the battle in rage.

He will let the player into his gang if:

  1. The player attacks him until he has 15 HP left. Here, he will spare the player, and if he is attacked, it will count as a betrayal kill.
  2. The player spares him enough times, and he realizes it must be because of loyalty and respect.
  • HP: 50
  • AT: 10
  • DF: 15
  • EXP On Kill: 50
  • Gold on Win: 13


  • Check
  • Jokingly belittle
  • Brag
  • Scold



"What do you say? Me? You? Duking it out? If you impress me... maybe I'll let you into my gang. Maybe. Show me what you've got!" - [Intro]

"... What is this? You tryin' to provoke me? Say that again?" - [Belittle]

"Wow... unbelievable. No respect. Why do you gotta be so provocative?" - [Belittle #2]


"You'd better shut up...! Now!" - [Belittle #4]

"OKAY. I'M OUT OF HERE. I need some fresh air... Bye... Disrespectful, provocative brat..." - [Belittle #5]

"You're strong? Ah, you must go to the gym, no? I've been thinking about doing that too.. Gotta get in shape." - [Brag]

"Loyalty, grand! I want to be able to trust you with the password to my bike lock." - [Brag #2]

"Y'know, I watched a documentary that said confidence was key. Those lions, they never give up." - [Brag #3]

"You're probably good at a lot of other things! They're just not relevant here." - [Brag #4+]

"What? I'm just askin'." - [Scold]

"I'm just tryin' to have a good time. Don't ruin it for me!" - [Scold #2]

"Come on now. Turn that frown upside down...!" - [Scold #3+]

"... Err, you're supposed to attack me." - [Spare]

"C'mon, fight back!" - [Spare #2]

"Don't let me do all the battlin'!" - [Spare #3]

"Seriously, though. Don't hold back. You can hit me. I won't be mad." - [Spare #4]

"... Can't you bring yourself to hit me? Is it because you respect me that much?" - [Spare #5]

"Huh. I guess that's a good thing. Why would ya ever need to attack your leader!" - [Spare #6]

"I like your attitude. I ain't never gonna have to worry about betrayal from you!" - [Spare #7]

"Tell you what. Since you've proven yourself to be loyal and super respectful, I'll let ya into my gang. Mutual respect is vital in a good gang membership. Spare me again, why don't ya!" - [Spare Dialogue if Player Spared]

"Alright! That's all I needed to see. You are a tank! Hah! Just what I need in my gang. Consider yourself included!" - [Spare Dialogue if HP is Low]

"O-ow... That... that was too much... I wanted you to impress me... not KILL me... Argh. I think you may have done it... Yep... I'm going... Consider yourself... banned from my gang..." - [Defeat]

Flavor Text

"Dominic begins a battle of judgement." - [Encounter]

"A bunny in a jacket. Nothing out of the ordinary." - [Check]

"Upon further investigation, you notice his nose is a bit weird-looking." - [Check #2]

"You ask him about his nonexistent gang members. He doesn't laugh." - [Belittle]

"You tell him you were just joking, and that he shouldn't get his rabbit ears in a twist." - [Belittle #2]

"You question how such a non-composed person can keep a nonexistent gang under control. Still no laughs." - [Belittle #3]

"You tell him you're not being disrespectful... but in a disrespectful tone." - [Belittle #4]

"You don't shut up." - [Belittle #5]

"Dominic sends you a look. He's trying to convey something, but you don't know what it is." - [Neutral]

"Dominic whispers something weird to himself while fondling his necklace." - [Neutral]

"Smells like an overuse of deodorant." - [Neutral]

"You boast about your strength." - [Brag]

"You boast about your loyalty." - [Brag #2]

"You boast about your confidence." - [Brag #3]

"Come on. You don't have THAT much to write home about." - [Brag #4+]

"You criticize his pushy behavior." - [Scold]

"You tell him criminality is a crime." - [Scold #2]

"It seems he won't listen to any more criticism at this point." - [Scold #3+]

"Dominic ends the battle of judgement." - [When Dominic is sparing the player]


  • Dominic has a weird OCD where a conversation must end on a "goodbye", "goodnight" etc. depending on the situation. If the conversation isn't wrapped up, he feels slightly anxious.
  • Whenever Dominic goes to sleep, he unlocks the door, opens it, closes it, locks it again and pulls the door handle to make sure it's locked.
  • Due to a slightly broken nose as a result of a Jumping Accident when he was a kitten, he has no choice but to open his mouth while he chews on food.
  • Dominic will probably have a mid-life crisis when he gets older.
  • His online profile name for the account he uses to hire members is DemonicDominic.
    • When he chats, he uses an excessive amount of "..."'s and emoticons.


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