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Doppelgänger is an endangered species of monster that emulates the appearance of anyone looking at them.


That is to say that in a room full of twenty people, each person will see their own doppelganger, so a Doppelgänger in the room will have twenty-one different appearances, including their own, true appearance.

A Doppelgänger's true appearance cannot in any way be recorded, as it is completely transparent when viewed through a mirror, much like a vampire. This means that photography and film do not work, since all cameras rely on the use of mirrors within the mechanisms. From one Doppelgänger's descriptions of themselves, they have nine multipurpose limbs and at least four eyes. It is possible that each Doppelgänger has a completely different true appearance.

Due to the fact that a Doppelgänger is only a certain actual size, they cannot effectively emulate very large or very small people. While a Doppelgänger will still look exactly like these people when emulating them, there will be a large amount of area where the appearance and the physical existence do not match. For example, there may be areas on a very large doppelganger appearance that appear to be there, but swinging anything at that area will simply go right through the image. To a much smaller person, they may run into an invisible 'wall' when trying to go near the image of themselves.

In the case of paradoxical emulation, a Doppelgänger will not show any appearance whatsoever, and will instead remain completely transparent. If a Doppelgänger were to meet another Doppelgänger, the two would not look like each other, but rather would be just as transparent as in a paradoxical situation.

The only instance under which a Doppelgänger's facade will disappear is upon death, at which point they will turn to dust, eliminating any physical form they had in the first place.

A Doppelgänger will be weakened more and more as more people look at them. Since each new person looking at them means they must generate a new appearance, and have that appearance match their own movements, even having five viewers can be quite tasking. A Doppelgänger will actively avoid large social situations whenever possible.


Doppelgängers are a semi-nomadic burrowing species, and will live in small caves they have dug around the Underground. They will almost never stay in one cave for more than a month, and are constantly traveling around. They often try to avoid any contact with any monsters outside of breeding season because being in anyone's line of sight weakens them.

Doppelgängers will actively seek social interaction about once a year to find someone or something to breed with. Doppelgängers have a parasitic breeding cycle where they will find a non-Doppelgänger host to lay eggs in. When these eggs hatch, the host is killed. The parasitic nature of the Doppelgängers led many monsters to want to rid the Underground of them. After being hunted for many years, the few remaining Doppelgängers are simply trying to hide until their existence is forgotten and they can resurge.


  • A Doppelgänger could know what the inside of a perfect sphere of mirrors with no interfering objects looks like.
  • There are currently only three Doppelgängers left in the Underground.
  • Doppelgängers do not use names to identify themselves, as they have no proper identity for themselves.

This article, Doppelgänger, is owned by TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade. Please do not edit this article without their explicit permission.

This Doppelgänger moves around quite a lot more than most of their ancestors, moving all around the Underground at least three times a month. They reason that the more they move around, the less likely that anyone looking for them will find them. They fail to understand the logic that the more they move around the more exposure they get, and the more likely people who aren't looking for them will find them.

This Doppelgänger is also very incapable of multitasking, and will only ever be able to successfully do one straightforward task at once. This is a problem, as they cannot focus on both not getting lost, and walking at the same time. They quite often end up entirely lost with no clue how they got there.

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This article, Doppelgänger, is owned by [[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]. Please do not edit this article without their explicit permission.

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