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Dove is the OC of... Dove. Did you really expect anything else? Anyway, don't edit without permission etc.

Dove is a white-coloured Dove (Who would have thought?) that can't be classed as monster or animal, but people just call him a Dove.


As stated earlier, he is a white Dove. He usually carries around a rainbow rucksack, which shows exceptional strength for his small stature. His beak may or may not have teeth in it, but for your own safety, don't check.


Dove tends to be extremely irritating, and he doesn't know when to stop. He is horrible in any kind of situation that involves talking to others (Even though his accent, an amazing mix of Canadian and Scottish, is amazing), because he cannot speak English, and can only say things in Dove language (Which is coos and stuff). He has a SOUL, but it's sideways, in between that of a Human and a Monster. What does this mean? Well, it means he's a Dove, the best race there is. He has a habit of pecking people to see if they turn to dust (and optionally leave behind a berry), and doesn't care if he has to take their SOUL to do so.

He has the magic ability to bring almost anything out of his rucksack whenever he needs to. He can also make decoys of himself to throw at enemies (A trait the sacred Dove family learned from their founder, Sir Archemedes the First). He likes fixing things, but is horrible at it, feel free to hire him if a certain cat has destroyed your house, you might get something back... maybe.


  • Dove flies through the bullet screen, leaving a trail behind him. This can be white, orange or blue, if it is the latter two, he will fly through twice. The attack does 1 damage.
  • Dove will tell you the story of his people, decreasing your speed due to boredom for 2 turns.
  • Dove will flap his wings faster, picking up the wind around him. His flying attack is now faster and will deal more damage for 2 turns.


To spare him, you pretty much have to just select "Justly Contain". This traps him in what seems to be a bird cage, and keeps him from using his first attack. He can still flap his wings and tell you the story of his people, though. If you select "Justly Contain" twice, all the other monsters will disappear and will be replaced with Evil Snakeman.



HP: 20

Attack: 1.5

Defense: 2

EXP on kill: 0.1

Gold on kill: 25

Evil Snakeman

HP: 420

Attack: 6

Defense: 5

EXP on kill: 15

Gold on kill: 0


True Pacifist Credits

  • White Text - "Like a Dove in a chinashop."
  • Yellow Text - "Building a bookstore."
    • Yellow Text is obtained if the Player did not take any damage to his flying attack on the turn before sparing him.


  • "Coo, coo!" -Randomly
  • "C-Coo..." - Close to dying
  • "CAW, CAW." -Angry
  • "Co- Coo?" -Justly Contain
  • "C O O, C O O!!!" -Summoning Evil Snakeman

Flavour Text

  • What a strange monster... if it can even be called that. [Encounter]
  • A cute little birdy! Don't let him talk. [Check]
  • Dove coos. [Neutral]
  • Dove flies normally. [Neutral]
  • Dove coos seductivley. [Flirt]
  • The cage rattles... it's too small for him. [Justly Contain]
  • Smells like... evil. [Justly Contain x2]
  • The Dove is flying no more. [Death of Dove]


Harold's Older Bro

Whoever this is, Evil Snakeman has no idea. But Dove really seems to dislike him.

Each Other

While Evil Snakeman tends to help only those justly contained, Dove is usually an exception. No matter what Dove is doing, Evil Snakeman will want to kill him, be him contained or not. In return, Dove hides his food from Evil Snakeman, because he's greedy. Also, Dove feels physically assaulted if Evil Snakeman attempts to coil around him.

Daddy Derek

He is Dove's father, and the great-great grandson of Sir Archemedes the First. Dove dislikes him to an extent, because he's just a prick. Evil Snakeman likes him for the sole reason being that Dove dislikes him. Daddy Derek once kidnapped Evil Snakeman, but he let her go after he found out she enjoyed the experience, he's freaked out by her.


Dove and Evil Snakeman both hate Ymir, because he is a horrible thing. One time, Dove had a dream where he was contacted from a being from another dimension that told him "We need a Guardian, go Ymir". So, Dove went on a quest to find out exactly what a Guardian was, and to find this "Ymir". When he and Evil Snakeman (Who had tagged along due to her own boredom) found Ymir, they both realized he was the most despicable being to ever exist, even worse than Daddy Derek. Dove and Evil Snakeman fought Ymir, but had to flee as he was growing in his power. To this day, they hope they never meet the guy again.


Dove met Flowey once, but Flowey forgot about him because he was so unimportant remembering him would have been a waste of good memory space. Evil Snakeman has yet to see Flowey, and she thinks claims of a talking flower are "Stupider than non-evil Snakemen".


  • Killing Dove in the Pacifist run still allows the player to get the Pacifist ending. Sans tells the player that they killed neither Human nor Monster, but were lucky that Dove counted as neither.
  • He makes Determination and sells it on the Undernet for profit, this is his only income, and his only customer is Alphys. Despite this, he still makes quite the living, able to afford one of the BEST hotel rooms in MTT Resort.
  • Katherine based her design of The Mechanical Owl on Dove's own body, which is why he resembles a Dove more than an Owl.

Mini-Profile (Evil Snakeman)

Evil Snakeman is a large, blue, leafy snake with no resemblance whatsoever to any snake from a certain video game franchise or any sort of snake character made on the Wiki. She has Inkling-like properties, able to turn into a Squid form from her original Snake form, allowing her to fit into almost any space, regardless of size. She enjoys doing this because it feels weird- in a good kind of way- and it also looks pretty good, but only when she does it.

She is very dishounorable and could care less if someone has been justly contained or not, but makes exceptions for Dove, who she enjoys trying to kill. She has no limits, the worse the situation, the more likely you are to find Evil Snakeman nearby, she only nopes out of certain situations that involve any sort of intercourse, because that's disgusting. She lives in Waterfall, just South of Napstablook's house, and enjoys berating Shyren on her singing.

Since she is a reptile, she will coil around any warm blooded monsters (or humans), even if the weather is not cold, she likes doing it to annoy people. If you protest it only makes her laugh and tighten around you harder. Either that or she'll pretend to get off you, only to come back and try to eat your face. Actually, any of those options is possible. Don't be around here, ever.

She can understand Dove's dove-speech and can translate it perfectly. This is usually the only way any other being can talk to Dove without having to take many, many classes on how to speak Dovese. But since she's so unreliable, she often pretends he's saying other things which leads him into many unfortunate situations.


  • Evil Snakeman swipes her tail through the bullet screen left to right like So Sorry, except it's always white. If you move your SOUL to the lower corner you can dodge it easily, though if she hits you at all with the attack, she will stop it instantly.
  • Leaves fly into the bullet screen at a crazy fast speed. If the player touches one, they take 5 damage. Occasionally, Evil Snakeman may accidentally send a green leaf the player's way, which will restore them for 5 HP instead of damaging them. After using this, her attack increases, but she must rest for one turn.
  • Evil Snakeman will quickly bite the bullet box, giving little time to react. However, the attack is also very weak. Sometimes, she charges it for longer only to hurt herself against the side of the bullet box, making her take 5 damage.


To spare Evil Snakeman, you must survive her attacks for at least 5 turns. Upon doing so, she will release Dove from his cage, hoping for assistance, but he will attack her. They then hear the words "Ymir is here!" and will flee, instantly sparing them both, though giving no Gold.

Flavour Text

  • Like the green one, but worse. [Encounter]
  • She secretly wants to wrap around you. [Check]
  • Evil Snakeman is eyeing you down. [Neutral]
  • Evil Snakeman is mocking the justly contained creature. [Neutral]
  • Evil Snakeman agrees to your odd request. You took 5 damage! [Request]
  • Don't. [Flirt]
  • D O N ' T [Flirt x2+]


Dove and Evil Snakeman were mortal enemies until the very end. Alas, Evil Snakeman proved victorious eventually - But not after many years of countless battling and sometimes tea parties.

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