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"I´ve Had lots of time to think about this but, i still havn´t gotten around to it!" -Dr. Wüterich as He Charges Into Action



Dr. Wüterich Is a Fire Elemental, like Grillby. He Wears a Lab Coat With a Few Coffee Stains On It. His Flames Are In a Bit of a Darker Shade Of Red. He Also Has a Tiny Cyan Handkerchief in his pockets, for reasons unknown.


He Is Quite The Hotheaded Individual. His Temper Usually Being Of Short Duration and easilly Stopped. He Is Unusually Unfriendly to the newer generation of Monsters, Calling them Uncivilised Scum, amongst other pretentious insults. He Gets Along Better With The Adults or The Elderly. He gets nervous easilly and the more nervous he is, the more prominent his accent becomes. Additionally He Also Has an obsession with hot chocolate.


Fire Monster - Can only be killed by extinguishing him

Hot - If Attacked Physically, The Enemy Will Take Fire Damage

Blue Fire - Used To Construct Solid Barriers

Cauterize - Can use fire to Disinfect and heal minor wounds

Firekineses - He can manipulate his own and flames arround him giving him the ability to abosrb forrest fire to become stronger. This also allows him to Grow to enourmous Sizes

Not Very Sane - He Can hear a fragment of telepathic conversations, but due to his previous enecounters with halucinations he usually writes them off as such things

Chemist - Expert Chemist

Engineer - Capable Engineer and mechanic

Split Minded - Has Two people in his body with diffrent mindsets and abilities.

Used to be a licensed Pharamcist - He lost his license in a murder-y accident.


Made of Fire - Incredibile Weakness to Water

100% Magic - Anything that drains a monster of its magic has devestating effects on him.

Not Creative - He has an incredibly low ammount of ideas on how to attack.


Dr.Wüterich Grew Up In Germany, before the great War Between Monsters And Humans. As His Species Has One Of The Longest Life Cycles, He Still Lives To The Year of 20XX. Loosing Everything He Had after being brought to mount ebott, He Had Held a grudge against humans. Among The First Few Monsters He Socializes With, is a Young Temmie, with an Over Average Intelligence.The Temmie Grows Up, Having The Dr Take a Type of Big Brother Role For Him. Allthough Temmies Die at a Fast Rate, This Tem Seems to have lived untill the Year 20XX and Beyond. He soon bound an alliance with a Botanist Fire elemental named Walter,Combined with his botanic abilities, he discovered a silencing herb, and Bred it into the many breeds he now posseses. In the Year 19XX, walters magic succumbed to the desease that he had hidden from His partner. Desperate to get him back from the dead,he combined their minds into one body through unknown means. It was a mild success,it drove him mad for a significant period of time, causing hallucinations and him being unable to distinguish what was a hallucination or Real. Now they Coexist in the same body, Walter having little to no control untill Wüterich grants it to him.

In The Year 16XX He Discovered A Nearly Extinct Breed of Plant which has unnatural effects on monsters,draining them of their magic for a short period of time, and completely remove any magical capabilities for a certain ammount of time.

He Has Mostly Used This To negate the Effects of Magic Related Illnesses.



Walter -They Share a Body, but arent on good terms


TBH Who cares about these sections.


Emily - Unsure if Ulder is real or if he is going mad.


HP: ???

ATK : 10 (+1 Every Turn)

Def : ???


Fireballs - 4 Damage upon impact

Fire Spires - Creates Giant fire pillars which have 1/4th of invincibility frames, dealing 3 damage per hit

Firewall - Creates a wall of blue fire that moves towards the player

Fire Vortex - Creates a Fire hurricane that sucks enemies in


Hothead Directly Translates To Wüterich.

"Hey, how about you DONT do that?" -Walter as he is being struck



Walter Is a Slighty Green fire elemental which wears a Tweed Jacket, Suit pants and black shoes. The part of his head which would represent hair is moderately tame and cool.


Walter is a very calm and kind person, allways offering help to those in distress He Cares deeply about the wellbeing of other people and notices quickly when something is troubleing someone and will strive to help them however he can.


Soothing Aura - He gives off both a sweet scent and has a Comfortable temperature that makes him nice to be arround

Trustworthy person - He is trustworthy, and people subconciously trust him more, he isnt sure if it is his magic or not.

Firekinesis- See Above

Expert Healing magic - Although made of fire, he is a master at Healing magic.

Botany - Expert botanist

Author - Capable of creating magical books which not only compress skills into easy to learn books but can also have magical effects such as Accelerating crop growth amongst other things. These Use up their magic quickly. after 5-10

No Body- His Body is like, super dead.

Change - When he Takes over the body of Wüterich The Abilities he has and his Green colour carry over.


Bad At magic - When not casting magic via a book, it will be unstable and incredibly weak.

Made of Fire - Weakness to water

100% Magic - Anything that drains magic from a monster would have devestating effects on him.


Walter Is a relatively Young Fire elemental, born in 10XX. He began his partnership with Wüterich in 11XX when he realized that his increase in power was because of a rare magic related desease,which just so happened to be the very thing Wüterich was researching for seveal hundred years.He went desperate for a cure, but it was for nothing, as the desease slowly destroyed his body as it was purely made of magic. Wüterich, who had grown fond of him,enabled him to stay inside his body through unknown means. Walter Rarelly takes control as he cannot force Wüterich, both from ability and Heart.


HP: ???

ATK : 30 (-1 Every Turn)

Def : ???


Grass whip - grass grows and try to hit the target with poison

Pollen - Launches pollen into the air

Inkwell - Throws a pot of ink at the target

Pot Flurry - Summons a barrage of flower pots to hit the enemy


Thanks to Pixels for 1. Inspiration and 2. Help with the code

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