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Drakon is an anthropomorphic Dragon Mage. His scale color is blue and pale, and his eye color is yellow. He has 3 horns on his head and Holds a staff with a peridot edged into it. He also wears a light blue coat and has small, retractible claws. He has no wings.


Drakon is kind to those around him and willing to help others in need. However, he doesn't like others to boss and harass him around if they are not acquainted. He also gets confused easlily.


Not a whole lot is known about Drakon's past, the only known bits are that the isnt native to the underground, he has a brother, and he was a fugitive at home for studying magic.


Drakon (even though he is 15) likes cartoons, specifically Steven Universe.[1]

He also seems to like Blacksmithing. Although not impressively, he can forge many things.

Finally, Drakon likes old tech, as he has used technology as far back as The War.


Manipulate Atoms (To a degree)

Manipulate Energy (To a degree)

Edit Genetics of other organisms (To a degree)

While these may seem simple, they can turn the tide of any battle. BUT, they take a lot of energy to do and will exhaust him if abused.


Drakon doesn't really have any friends (except Undyne, if the mods allow it), although is eager to make some.


HP: 2750

ATK: 32

DEF: 32


Drakon is a mage, which allows him to summon many attacks. His projectiles are usually made of peridots.

Attacks(Listed but not limited to): simple projectile, bullet hell, swinging projectiles, mach speed projectiles

Drakon can manipulate atoms, which allows him to create multiple things out of thin air(This is how he makes his projectiles).

Drakon also can manipulate Energy, which allows him to many thing, like: Make places heat or cool down, and send electrical currents without conductors.

Finally, Drakon can manipulate Genetics, barely. (i did this for it is too OP) All he can do his splice genetics together (In simple terms: fusing other organisms together) including himself, and vice versa.


Talk, flirt, Insult.



Encounter: You Encountered Drakon.

"Hello there, Im Drakon."

Flirt:you flirt with him.

"Oh my."

He begins to blush.

Insult 1 and onwards: You Insult him.

"Oh, y'wanna try me?!" (Attack raised)

Talk: You tell him what is his favorite TV show.


He likes Steven Universe. (Sparable)

Neutral is the same as Pacifist.


Encounter: Drakon approaches you.

Any ACTs: You try to interact with him, but he wont respond.


Even though the doesn't speak Russian or has a Russian accent, Drakon is in-fact Russian.

He is a crappy drawer, like I am.

He isn't a native monster.



I slapped this together in MS-Paint.

Drakon Front

Front view of Drakon


Side View Of Drakon

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