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Ebbi is an energetic and over excitable Cream and white cat like monster, who lives with their owner, Lewis, and his friends Valkir and Teli. Carefree, rather silly at times, and an all round loveable bundle of joy, this stretchy beast is a regular cuddle worthy house cat, atleast if you're on their good side.

They will not hesitate to defend their friends, even if they are in the wrong, and are often very difficult to persuade otherwise when they've made up their mind about something. They are exceedingly loyal to the people they trust and love, and will do everything to protect them, even if that involves putting themselves in harms way. 

Although rather smart for a 'house' cat, they lack the knowledge of proper English, only knowing how to speak small sentences at a time, and never referring to anyone but Lewis by their actual given names, instead opting to call them names they have given them to remember them by, ie Sweet Ram Lady is their name for Teli, Tall Angry Bird Man is their name for Valkir and so on with every new person they meet.



Moderately Tolerable



Born to a set of common monster parents, Ebbi was abruptly abandoned after birth in the Garbage dumps at the bottom of Waterfalls. They never knew their parents, where they came from, or what their real name was, so of course things were all but confusing for the start at life for this skinny kitten. They grew up alongside other small monsters, who helped them learn how to do simple daily tasks, such as feed themself, wash themself, and overall how to take care of themself.

Eventually Ebbi slowly started to venture away from their 'home' and further out into the Underground, where they were introduced to monsters who spoke more fluently than the ones they had grown up with. They knew some words, but their dictionary was small compared to the heaps of new words they had thrown at them, as they had never attended any kind of school or received any kind of scholarship.

Unable to speak as much as they wanted to, and confused by the garbled tongue they didn't understand, they tried to learn what the new monsters were saying by self teaching, mimicking what they could and slowly building up a small vocabulary. After many years, they grasped the basics, but could never fully speak, as their sentences were small, with few words, but still enough to understand what they wanted to say.

Now that they could talk, atleast barely, there was the matter of their name, a frequently asked question. They began to go by the name Ebbi Ket, as that is what everyone called them when they were little, (in reality, they were called 'baby cat' but Ebbi misheard and took on the name Ebbi Ket instead)

Still a homeless monster, Ebbi moved to Snowdin where they just stayed wherever they felt like, as the town's people didn't seem to mind the goofy cat wandering around too much. Eventually Ebbi began to wander back to their old home, feeling alone and missing their old friends, only to happen upon a new one; Lewis. At first Ebbi was a little estranged by the little deer man, as he seemed rather frightened, but when he grew to be warm and affectionate to them, they happily became his friend. 

Lewis offered to give Ebbi a home, somewhere they could stay, and somewhere they'd have the family they didn't have. Ebbi was more than happy to live with Lewis as his house cat, and has been ever since.




  • Ebbi doesn't like Valkir and will do all in their power to annoy him, any means nessecary. Their reason? They just don't like him.
    • This is in contrast to Lewis and Valkir being close, whereas Lewis and Ebbi are close too, Ebbi hates Valkir.
    • They will tolerate Valkir simply because he feeds them when Teli and Lewis can't.


Thanks SquidFairy for creating the page and for all the work you did for me <3


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