(Heya. This character was made by Dove of Death. Use him without permission, and you are REALLY not gonna like what happens next)

Ebott, known to Richten as "The First Prisoner" is a Monster of great size that existed hundreds of years (Thousands, according to some) before the events of even the Great War began. With its colossal size, Ebott was a mighty destructive force who was only able to be quelled by Richter, and even then only with the help of his many followers. It was eventually sealed away, though some say remnants of Ebott live on to this day...


Ebott was absolutely gigantic, easily rivalling several mountains in size. It had a human-like body shape, but that's really the only normal thing that can be said about the titan. The main colour of it was a mossy green, but whether that was its natural colours or it was actual moss growing on the titan is unknown to this day. It had extremely long arms which it dragged behind it as it moved, creating valleys as it did so due to its absolutely massive strength. Though it had the general shape of a human, the neck of Ebott pointed forward rather than upward, giving it an appearance that somewhat looked like it was always slouching.

Though due to its size its face was rarely seen, perhaps that is a virtue in disguise. Ebott's face looked horrible with two gigantic yellow and glowing eyes that pierced through even the thickest of clouds. It apparently did not have any visible mouth, so how it was able to even live raises some questions. But even without a mouth, Ebott was able to express emotion on a very grand scale, something which made the killing of it questionable, but that's for another section entirely.

Various markings were worn around the body of Ebott. They appeared to have little to no significance to the Humans and Monsters of the time, but seeing these markings were one of the reasons Richter decided to slay the beast. On Ebott's green body, these markings were brown and depicted various shapes resembling some sort of language. Of course, nobody could read this... Apart from Richter, apparently.


Ebott was very expressive, even though it lacked the capability to speak or really do anything that would show even a slither of intelligence. It mostly walked around, destroying everything in its way. Although, whether this was due to Ebott being purposely evil or just not knowing that what it was doing is wrong is up for debate. One could say it (Quite literally) always had its head in the clouds.

Whether it was completely unaware of its crimes or fully aware of them matters not. In the end, Ebott did not survive for a very long time, despite its colossal size. Ebott's giant and golden eyes, as mysterious as they are, gave off some sort of... aura, one could say. While it could not express emotion as well as others, due to its lack of a mouth and whatnot, its eyes were able to show anyone what it was feeling flawlessly. It is said that in the final moments of Ebott's life, before Richter delivered the final blow, that it showed both sadness and fear as it approached the great beyond.

But that could also be complete folk talk. Richten mentions very little of Ebott outside of Richter and his allies defeating it, so there are no real sources of what it acted like other than the Book of Richten itself... That being said, say one of Richter's old allies were still around to this day, perhaps they would know how Ebott acted before its demise? Oh well, such a hypothetical situation obviously could never happen.


"Grandma! Can you tell us the story of Mount Ebott again?"

"Ah, alright then, children. Listen closely now:

Ebott... well, appeared out of nowhere one day in all honesty. That or it never decided to travel past the mountains from whence it originally came. Its first approach was signalled by great footsteps mistaken for earthquakes by the residents of that time. And it was hard to ignore such a hulking beast making its way toward your city. Many fled Ebott's wrath upon the first town it encountered, and many turned to the great Richter for assistance. At this time, he was reknown around many parts for being a great hero with his band of allies. Richter originally had no interest in hunting the beast, claiming that it was like killing an innocent animal, but his opinion suddenly changed when he saw it for himself.

Something came over Richter then, something strange. He turned from the great and honourable hero the people knew him as to something merciless. He attacked Ebott viciously but even with his own great power, it did nothing to the beast. It continued as if Richter was merely a fly standing on his shoulder. After a return to his allies (Who had evacuated the villagers from Ebott's approaching wrath), they formed a plan. If they could not harm Ebott from the outside... They'd strike it from the inside, ensuring a kill.

Richter volunteered to go, but was it because of his heroism that he wished to defeat the beast, or his own personal vendetta against it that he wanted to destroy it himself? He entered through perhaps the most painful way - Ebott's left eye. Inside was... Hollow. Though dumbfounded, Richter continued onward searching for a way to defeat Ebott. He eventually came across some sort of glowing red organ. He theorised that it could be a weak point, and set about destroying it as quickly as possible, as Ebott had went into a great tantrum after its eye had been burst through.

After destroying the Heart of Ebott, Richter fled the same way he had come in. Ebott was in agonising pain, but it could not show this apart from destroying everything in its wake. Richter's closest ally, by the name of... *ahem*, was the one to come up with the idea of sealing the apparently invincible beast away, and so they did just that. Harnessing the great magical power of everyone they could find, Ebott was sealed away, and it is said it became the mountain with the very same name..."

"Grandma... Did that story really happen?"

"Perhaps it did, child. But let's take you to bed now, yes?"



HP - ??

ATK - ??

DEF - ?? Ebott is never fought directly, so its stats aren't known. Besides... Who in their right mind would fight something like that?

Ebott's Heart

HP - 5,000

ATK - 20

DEF - 0

The real weak point of Ebott lies within its heart. It is very squishy and vulnerable, as one would expect from a heart, but to destroy it you'll first need to survive its one attack. Unlike most enemies, the heart attacks first in a desperate attempt to defend itself with fast flying white bullets. After dodging them all, you can deliver the decisive blow. It cannot be spared.


  • Ebott's Heart is not Ebott's only weakpoint. The rest just haven't been found.

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