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Eden is a "Perfected" Human, or rather, is thought to be one. They were previously viewed as the pinnacle of Noma's experiments before the Hybrid came into existence. Previously filled with nothing but respect for their "father", Eden soon grew a great case of resent for Noma and all of his creations.


Eden has wavy white hair and quite a pale complexion. They have blue eyes and have rather large eyelashes covering their eyes. Their ears are obscured by their hair. They wear a red and black striped shirt with matching shoes and black pants. They are, however, one who's subject to changing their appearance constantly. The appearance mentioned here is only their favourite one.

Eden's Soul is the same as their shirt, striped red and black. It doesn't represent anything in particular.


When it comes to Eden's personality, they are quite mixed. They're often extremely kind and forgiving to people but at the same time they can be very cocky and arrogant because of their title of "perfect human". They can be very serious, especially when coming face to face with Noma who they wish to appear mature to. In reality, they are very childish and can't keep a straight face for more than a few seconds. They enjoy any sort of game and are quite competitive when it comes to playing against other people.

They are also quite hypocritical, what with saying Noma's experiments are terrible but then turning to do the exact same thing as soon as they left Perfecture. 


Eden was made by Noma in an attempt to create what would be Perfection in Human form. Whether he succeeded in this attempt is up for debate. He did not tell Eden of their artificial nature until many years after they were created so for the longest time they believed him to be their biological father. This is partly why they betrayed Noma all those years later.

During their early years, they obeyed Noma without a second thought. At first, gathering materials was the only thing he trusted them to do, but as they got older they were given more complicated tasks in the name of perfection. They were also given an education by Noma, who made sure they became as perfect as possible. For many years, Noma and Eden experimented on various Humans and Monsters until they noticed a species known as the Demons.

Noma saw the potential of the interbred and sought to produce a better version of them. These came to be known as the Hybrids, but Eden was not very involved in their creation. This was around the time they found the truth of their own creation and left Perfecture to pursue their own experiments without Noma's intervention. Coincidentally, the Hybrids were a failed experiment altogether. Maybe if Eden was there they wouldn't have been. After their leave, they swore to only improve the lives of others rather than hurting them. A noble cause, for sure. Their first "experiment" was on a Monster imprisoned by the Humans during the war. Eden offered this Monster eternal life, in exchange for keeping tabs on them for a while. They accepted Eden's proposal, and thus the deal was done. Breaking out of the prison was no easy task, but eventually they did just that. Eden may have stretched the truth a bit (They wouldn't be immortal, Eden didn't have that kind of power), but either way the Monster preferred anything to the horrible prison. He came to be known as Shadow, and became one of Eden's few friends.

Though they feigned a hatred of Noma for what he had done (They knew it was wrong), recently the two have come back into contact with one another. Eden's childlike attitude left them wanting their family back more than anything else, and when Noma offered to return to Perfecture with them they accepted without a second thought. As to not anger him any more, Eden began following his every order without fail. The only thing they disagree with is the treatment of the experiments: Eden wishes to keep them all safe, and Noma apparently doesn't care what lengths he goes to in order to achieve true perfection.


Eden continued their research with Noma for years to come. Though they never discovered true perfection, they valued the time they got to spend with their "father" above all other things.




Eden's creator, and the one they know as their father. Originally on shaky terms with one another, recent events have caused them to work together on another test subject. Even though they love him like a father, Eden thinks an angry Noma is the scariest thing in the world and will do pretty much anything to make sure his rage is not unleashed.



The first experiment Eden ever completed on their own. Shadow's loyalty to Eden isn't really official - He only fights for them if it will benefit him in some way. Nonetheless, he still remains a close friend to them even if he's not their bodyguard 100% of the time.


HP - 2,000

ATK - 20

DEF - 20

Though not particularly a fighter, Eden will not go down without a struggle. Their stats are perfectly balanced, another thing matching their "Perfect" nature.


  • Eden most definitely does not miss Noma in the slightest! They don't even like him at all! They swear!

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