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EdgyTale is an alternate universe where normal characters become edgy and edgy characters become edgier.


Chapter One: The Bloodening

Long ago, humans and monsters lived in harmony. Everything changed when The Edgiest One came. Not much is known about The Edgiest One, but he turned the monsters and humans into ridiculous caricatures of angst. A war broke out over which band was better; My Chemical Romulan or Twenty øne Platypus. The monsters lost and were sent to the Underground, giving them all tragic backstories.

Chapter Two: The Darkening

After years of scream-singing along to another band, Linkin Memorial, the monsters were shocked to find a new arrival: Shadow the human. Shadow lived with the royal 'Nightmareurrs' and was edgily euphoric... for a while. They decided to kill the humans and their filthy Twenty øne Parachutes music. Shadow died, giving their adoptive brother, Darkblade, a very tragic backstory. He died too. Using the power of EDGE, however, he came back as Darkblade the Black Rose.

Chapter Three: The Chaos-Controlling

A human who liked My Chemical Ribbit more decided to join the monsters. They fell down a hole, and now have to escape because My Chemical Roger was replaced by Fall Out Barn.


The Underground is a more silly edge than the Surface. The Surface is a more serious edge. They could be compared to Shadow the Hedgehog Vs Riverdale. Both are edgy, but the Underground has that Early 00s feeling.


EdgyTale shines through it's well-crafted characters.

Canon Characters

Shadow the Human: Shadow is the equivalent to Chara, being the possessor in a Genocide Run (The only run)

Darkblade the Black Rose: Darkblade is the equivalent to Flower, but he writes poetry.

The Edgiest Human: The Edgiest Human is a human containing various amounts of EDGE. They are the equivalent to Frisk. TEH is actually a reincarnated "The Edgiest One"

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