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My of is a neutral path spare more than kill sweet but murderous when u get her mad.Killed Undyne and Alphys.                Att-89.           Def-70.        HP 90.      Lv.3.   Past she was abused and tried to commit suicide.Her hobbies are baking.Her friends are toriel sans and papyrus.She likes to look at the stars.She always is determined.She has a blue tank top with a pink skirt.She has brown eyes and brown hair.She is cute.She is 50% kuudere 25% tsundere and 25% yangire.She is loveable she also has powers to shoot ice.She can stab with a toy knife.She uses it sometimes.When you piss her off you are dead.She has many disorders.She tries hard.She likes anime.She is 12.She is sweet and lazy.HSR quote is " I won't give up no!"

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