This belongs to Slade, do not touch or I will launch a cringe missile


Emily is a teenage human that lives in Waterfall in a small tent with The Summersbee Siblings. She has become widely accepted into the Underground, despite being human. She usually wears a mammoth flannel polo, navy blue jeans and black-and-white checkered shoes. When in cold places, she usually has a lightweight red hoodie, despite if it's extremely cold or just a bit chilly. She has a lot of strength, but still relies on her wide range of artillery.

Emily has abnormal reaction times. While a normal human takes about 1/4 of a second to react to something, Emily reacts instantly to most everything. This helps a lot in dodging attacks. People have considered this, and learned that it's good for "manufacturing purposes". These people try and use Emily's talent for their own deeds. Some even go as far as to plant tracking devices in her wardrobe.

Emily usually likes greeting new people, but she still has a high guard. She usually has a straightfoward attitude and what most call "sass". She usually sports clever backtalk. To her friends, she's rather friendly, but to any threats, she puts on the attitude. Emily has a mutual reputation in the Underground. She hasn't made many enemies, but the ones she has made do a lot to her.



  • TBD


  • The Summersbee Siblings
  • Derek


  • Paz - Due to Slade finding Paz shortly after he broke up with Emily, Emily is currently unaware that Paz is in anyway related to Slade. Although Emily does not have many strong feelings towards Paz, she still thinks Paz is mildly interesting, and they sometimes talk.


  • The Summersbee Siblings (No hate directed)

Romantic Partner(s)

  • Slade (ex-boyfriend) - Slade still talks to Emily from time to time, although their relationship was...awkward to put it simply, SLade still relies on Emily for help on many different tasks.
  • Jack (ex-boyfriend)
  • Nigma (past love interest/presumed past boyfriend)



  • HP: 100
  • ATK: 60
  • DEF: 95
  • EXP On Kill: 120
  • Gold on Win: 60


OPTIONAL* If your character changes stats depending on the run.

  • HP: 300
  • ATK: 40
  • DEF: 1
  • EXP On Kill: 100
  • Gold on Win: 0


Check, Flirt, Talk

Flavor Text


Emily draws close!


Smells like gunpowder. [Random Text]

Emily brushed off her Glock 17. [Random Text]

Emily seems focused on your movement. [Random Text]

Emily winked at you. She just wants a reaction. [Random Text]


  • TBD