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Ender is a Humane Spawn who fought in the War, and received multiple battle damages from it. He resides in Snowdin, doing anything from resting to straight up cave-exploring.


He wears a custom leather white longcoat with some designs on the arms and a large symbol on the back. He also wears a black undershirt, some black jeans, dark brown boots, and some bandages on his stomach, which are slightly bloody, possibly hinting that he has a large, healing scar there, other battle damages include a still-healing left arm with a brace on it, and also has bandages on his lower left leg. He appears to be 37 years old with a broad, athletic frame, with big natural yellow-like hair that reaches to his neck, thick eyebrows, and a caucasian skin color. He has some traces of being a Spawn, with hard scale armor on his lower arms and legs. He carries a broad zweihander aswell which is covered in scratches and high-temparature marks. While his Zweihander is powerful with the fire enchantments he can use, he will occasionally kick, and very powerfully too.


Calm, levelheaded, but easily angered. Bold, yet sensitive.

He decides to take a few things personally, and does not enjoy when enemies trying to harm his fellow friends, or anything of the sort. He is incredibly selfless too, thinking for others, but not thinking for himself when the moment requires him to do so.


A Spawn born on the surface, and condemned by the town for being a powerful freak. While he didn't take kindly to it, he did get used to it, which is what gives him his calm, levelheaded personality today. He also had a girl who believed that all he needed to be was himself, despite him thinking that he's a complete monster, made only for war. This girl was Lucia, a human girl who saw no difference in the ones that have enough humanity to have the ability to love.

Then the Monster War started. Ender was the main head of the backup attack team, and was very proficient in what he did because of him getting lost in his moments. While he and Lucia had to fight each other, he completely ignored Lucia like she didn't exist, mainly to protect her. (She understood this, also keeping Ender out of her mind.) Ender wasn't so lucky in the War, despite having so much firepower and strength in that Spawn body of his. He was wounded many times, with his stomach, leg, and arm being the primary signs of how bad he was beaten and bruised. Despite this, he persevered even though all odds were stacked agaisnt him. But even if he was strong enough to be the main driving force of the War, the monsters still lost, with Ender damning himself for failing, which he now makes him lazy and easily frustated, making him more bold in his actions, but sensitive when it comes to friendship and allies.

After the defeat in the War, Ender was at the Barrier before it became opaque. He was putting his hand on the invisible wall while Lucia, his girlfriend, was doing the same. After the Barrier became opaque, he started to cry, falling softly and curling up. That one moment traumatized him, and he keeps it as a total secret, refusing to tell anybody, and even if somebody knows, he rejects the fact it's actually true, and does his best to lie out of it, also making him easily angered at times.



  • ??? [UNKNOWN]


  • Anyu  [Became friends with Anyu, and teached her on how to believe in herself and become determined.]
  • Derek [Ender basically remembers Derek without any reason why. Apparently they're great pals.]
  • The Bookkeeper [Ender had requested a book from them, and then returned it. Bookkeeper also sees Ender as polite.]
  • Emily (Agarif) [Had once domesticated her just by the power of petting. Even then, Emily is still one of Ender's close friends.]


  • Melakey [Had met them once, and had a deal with her entering his soul. His soul violently rejected them. He told Melakey that it was probably his humanity, and that it refused the ones that feed on even the smallest parts of the soul.]
  • Aglea [He has met her twice, and on the second time he met her, he realized she was a Spawn.]
  • Andre the Puppet [He has met them in Snowdin, tried to fight them, then found him in the forest, which was when he found out that they're more than a puppet. Ender and Andre are great frenemies in a different timeline.]


  • Doppelganger [Ender absolutely hates clones, so this would be natural on his enemy list. He also has a fear for clones of himself, since the world doesn't need more powerful Spawns.]
  • Black Knights [They hunt Spawns. He is rivaled with Tears, but he doesn't think Tears is much of an enemy.]



  • HP: 1175 (Long years of training and sustained injuries made him hard to destroy, along with him being a Humane Spawn)
  • ATK: 40 (75 after Insult 3)
  • DEF: 20 (1 after Insult 3)
  • EXP On Kill: 20
  • Gold on Win: Varies between 50-400G.


[Check] [Challenge]

[Flirt] [Talk] [Insult]


Sword Slashes [Swords appear in the bullet box, and slash at the SOUL.]

JudgmentCut [Ender does a fast swing, which will be either in blue or orange.]

Million Stabs [Ender thrusts his sword at the SOUL, which can hit multiple times.]

Head Splitter [Ender raises his sword, with a warning box appearing, and then swings down, a large slash replacing the warning box. Does large amounts of damage if it hits.]

Issen [Ender will rarely do this, but will copy Asgore's scythe attack. It's slower than Asgore's attack, but it will favor orange.]


Zauganuto - His favorite sword. It's a German Zweihander with a standard hilt and broad blade, with some cracks being visible on the blade. It also has marks on the edges of the blade that could've been caused from fire or high temperatures. Can be enchanted with fire.

His body - A force to be reckoned with. Knowing an ancient, yet somewhat impractical martial arts known only as Closed Horns, he has incredible kicking power, and thus, incredible flexibility. The martial art focuses on powerful spikes or swings, and said attacks can be charged for as much as 3 times the normal damage. He can also engulf his lower legs in flames for no pain whatsoever, but rapid magic depletion.



"Say your prayers, little one." - [Encounter]

"You won't last long enough to see the light of day. You're just a useless speck with a knife, being an absolute psycho. I'm sure you won't be able to stand after I maim you and decapitate you. Beck will surely reward me for killing you." [Genocide]

"Good greetings, little one." - [Pacifist]

"You really want to know more about me? I'm not the type of guy you want to know, honestly. Hahaha..." - [After Check]

[You tell Ender that he's nothing to you.] "Enough lies, you're just a cockroach compared to me. Can't you tell the difference?..." - [Challenge]

[You compliment Ender's fashion sense along with his hair.] "Many thanks, but not now." - [Flirt]

[You try to strike up a conversation with Ender. He ignored you.] "..." - [Talk]

[You try to talk with Ender.] "Well... might aswell talk. I'm Ender De Ulf Ving. I'm the guy who fought in the war and sustained heavy injuries." [Talk 2]

[You say to Ender that sorrow isn't that great.] "It takes the mind off and warns us of our mistakes. Sorrow is good... in a way." [Talk 3]

[You give Ender a smile. He smiles back slightly.] "Nice to see someone smile in years..." [Talk 4, able to spare]

[You insult Ender.] "I've heard that one so many times... Try again." - [Insult]

[You say that Ender is useless.] "No I'm not... you're just not getting it." - [Insult 2]

[You say that Ender couldn't defend himself and is worthless because of that. His DEF dropped dramatically, but his ATK skyrocketed.] "SHUT THE HELL UP! I'm sure I can fend for myself as I have multiple times in the damn past! I will end your life!" - [Insult 3, after Talk 2]

"I have made a horrible mistake... please forgive me, Beck..." - [Death]

Flavor Text

Ender slashes into the battle! [Encounter]

Ender is angered. [Genocide Encounter]

Ender looks really calm. [Pacifist Encounter]

Ender looks down for a moment, and then back up at you. [Neutral]

Ender chuckles, putting on a cocky smirk. [After Challenge]

Ender doesn't seem to be paying attention. [After Talk]

Ender almost cried a tear, as if he remembered something.. [After Talk 2]

He seemed to radiate empathy with that phrase. [After Talk 3]

Ender is sparing you. [After Talk 4]

Ender chuckles a bit. [After Insult]

Ender grips his sword more. [After Insult 2]

Ender looks to be very angry, while almost crushing the handle of his sword with his grip. [After Insult 3]

Ender looks absolutely furious, staring a hole through you. [Genocide, Insult 3]

Hatred is not even the word to describe what this... FREAK is feeling. [Genocide, Lucia is dead, after Insult 3]


  • He's afraid of clones.
  • His favorite food? A nice piece of good ol' lasagna.
  • Ender's exact age is not really known, but he looks to be about 37 years old. Even though he doesn't have any facial hair...
  • Ender usually goes to Grillby's to get some big cups of scotch whiskey. He can't get drunk easily though, as he usually needs about 17 shots of Vodka before he gets tipsy. Whiskey is like beer to him.
  • If it wasn't obvious enough, he has a slight alchohol addiction.
  • One of his many moves with Closed Horns is this combo called Pheonos Tyurnim


Some random flash thing from an anime games website - 1st pic in gallery

TheGreatAvv! for drawing Ender in Dark Souls armor. - 2nd pic in gallery

AspiringAsriel's amazing... whatever the fuck that thing is (GRAND VING 666) - 3rd pic in gallery

TheArtisticSwordsman from DA - 4th pic from gallery

I forgot who drew that - 5th pic


The first is when he took his armor off. After this, he never used it. The second one is him in Dark Souls-inspired armor. The third is what happens when you ask a person who doesn't draw well to do a drawing for you and give them a hard to look at picture. The fourth is him in the rain, drawn by an artist in a free request. The fifth is when Ender didn't get his redesign still.

These all are old pictures anyways. Oh, and the sprite in the Infobox was made by TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade.