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After 20 genocides routes being made, Sans decided he would do something to stop it, he taked dertermination from alphys lab, but Chara was different too, because of Sans act the story had been changed, as Chara find where the monster evacuated and kill all of them reaching LOVE 20 and getting 2 new skills and try to kill flowey. Find what happens.


-I just couldn't accept it, i was being so selfish that i couldn't see the errors i was making

It was a new day, a new timeline. We're in just the 19 genocide, and i was not expecting something different this time.But when i saw paps dying again, it wasn't me anymore.I runned for Alphy's lab, she just said:

-What are you doing here? We need to evacuate hotlands! Undyne is fighting the human.

-Alphys i need something first to stop it, Undyne will not be able to kill the human.

- But... you know the danger in this don't you.

-Yes but i need something... the DETERMINATION that you used on the "fallen ones".

- WHAT! You know you gonna just melt, is not gonna work.

-BUT THERE'S NO OTHER WAY... Sorry alphys, is just that knowing my brother is dead just makes me worse.

-No you right, we need to do this, if it goes wrong, it will just end everything anyway.

She brought me to the true lab and injected 5% of the human's determination.

- you should do this quick, you probably gonna melt in 24 hours.

It was done 24 hours was the necessary to kill the human and probably be able to reset the timeline. I exited the lab and teleport to the judment hall. But alphys, the time i taked was the necessary for the human to kill Undyne, and reach hotlands. The human noticing Alphys, followed her to the evacuation area, before the force fieds activated. He killed every one in there, reaching lv19.

Real judment

The human was coming faster, and by killing mettaton he finally brought himself to lv20. He was talking to Flowey, but something was different:

- Wait... What are you d-doing... b-back off.

-What is it Flowey, do you gonna just repeat it? You so worthless just thinking sometime i gonna spare you.

-Wait... what? You're talking... Well you right this is cowardice.

-What? This changed? Interesting...

-Hahahaha you gonna wich you never said that, let's see who is the hopeless here.

- A fight against you? Don't make me laugh.

-Let's see who is gonna laugh, cause you know in this world IT'S KILL OR BE KILLED.

He enter the ground.

She continues until reachs the Judment hall

-hey kid, finally you got to the 20 genocide.

I started the fight but something was different, my attaks were faster, but the human was taking so much damage, it was like it didn't know any of the attacks. She was already with 14 hp with the 3° attack.

It was over, the human couldn't win with that power, i was not even using 75% of my power. That was what i thinked, but from one moment to another, he started to get faster and faster. Until it was not taking almost any damage. I continued the fight until i reached my final attack... So it was over, the human would try to hit me again and fail this time. And then with the surprise i was going to finish him.

... He attacked, and miss, but the second hit was faster. I was able to dodge it and then... The empty gun was equiped... A shot was going to my head on the exactly instant, it couldn't be dodged. And i didn't dodge it. Something protected me, a burning felling and something getting me calm. I was being protected by a green shield. It took some time to get it, but i did it

-Huh kid i was not especting this, do you remember these words?

-It's a beatiful day outside. a flash of toriel death occurs and a light blue fire appears.

-Birds are singing. a flash of undyne death occurs and a green fire appears.

-Flowers are blooming. a flash of alphys death occurs and a purple fire appears.

-On days like these. a flash of mettaton death occurs and a yellow fire appears.

-kids like you. a flash of papyrus death occurs and a orange fire appears, the human go to the 3° attack.

-Should be burning in hell. a dark blue fire appears and the human is thrown away.

The real fight begin...

i was using 100% of my determination, And my right eye starts to have a weak orange light.

- i ever asked how he looked cool every time with the two eyes.

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