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There was a young boy, who was not born in the underground, as he was born before the war. Ever since he was a baby, people called his dad a monster. He didn't like that. Whenever he heard the word monster, he would start crying. But, he'd never met his father after the first three years of his life. He didn't know where he went. He grew up to be a teenager, and forgot all about his father. His mother, right before he graduated, disappeared, and he was told she was executed. He kept looking for her. He got so mad with grief, and soon the war came. He found his mother's body on the battlefield, but he never saw the war. He never even knew about the monsters, as his mother kept him away. But, when his mother was about to die, she whispered, "Your father was a great.... monster." He soon realized, just after his mother died, he was the child of a monster. His father was a monster. He was mourning for his parents. His eyes were red and watery. He soon decided something.

He walked to Mt. Ebott, and jumped inside. He met Toriel, but just zipped past her. He settled in an area in Waterfall, where he lives the rest of his life as a monster-human breed. A demon. He grew older, and gained a few demonish body parts. A tail, a pair of wings, goat horns, and scaly skin.


Erebos is a tall, scrawny demon. He is 5'7, and weighs around 134 pounds. He has curly, brown hair, and dark red eyes. He has peachy, though scaly, skin, and has sharp fangs. He has long, sharp claws. He has a pair of brown dragon wings, a forked tail, and stubby and short goat horns. He wears a light gray jacket, and black skinny jeans. He is always being mistaken for an Inpyre.

The air around him is always damp, and dew can form near him.

He has a aggresive expression, but has a soft inside.

Erebos' SOUL is half orange (as he shows bravery) and half white (since he's part monster).



  • His dad (a fish-goat thing)
  • His mother (a human)


  • TBA


  • Asgore
  • Mettaton


  • Undyne
  • Gerald the Rock

Love Interest

  • Luryoir



  • HP: 2000
  • AT: 40
  • DF: 30
  • EXP On Kill: 1000
  • Gold on Win: 300


  • HP: 3000
  • AT: 50
  • DF: 20
  • EXP On Kill: 1500
  • Gold on Win: 400


Check, Cry, Talk, Flirt


Water Breath

He has the ability to blow cold or hot water that go to negative 50 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius.


Erebos can swim in water, where his home turf is, and can swim up to 200 MPH.

Water Control

Erebos can control the water, which makes him look like a water bender.

Since oxygen contains water, he can use it to his advantage, allowing people to be flung by the wind.




"Shut up." [Cry]

"I've had enough of that!" [Cry #2]

"..." [Cry 3+]

"Flirting?" [Flirt]

"You're out of my league." [Flirt #2]

"Go away." [Flirt #3+]

"I don't need friends..." [Talk]

"I said that I don't need friends!!!" [Talk #2]

"Do you listen?" [Talk #3]

"You talk too much." [Talk #4]

"Please shut up." [Talk #5]

"Why are you still doing this?" [Talk #6]

"Just attack me!" [Talk #7]

"No." [Talk #8+]

"Me? Spare you?" [Sparing before Talk #7]

"Hmm? You are not attacking?" [Spare after Talk #7]

"Well then, I will make you attack me!" [Spare #2]

"Take my special attack!!!" [Spare #3]

"Well? You survived?" [Surviving special attack]

"Ha! Did you think I would let you go?" [Spare #4]

"Nope! That wasn't even my full potential!"

"You are in for a real good treat!!!" [Does the real special attack.]

"You are an odd child..." [Survive]

Flavor Text



  • Erebos is lactose-intolerant.
  • Dislikes Hotdogs.


Made by benalien430. Demon species by Dove of Death.


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