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The Erebus are a race of monsters that hail from Snowdin, due to its cold and dark forests.



Erebus are completely black and usually wear black armor. They all have red glowing eyes, though not all of them are necessary sinister. Male Erebus are lean and tall, the average height being 7 ft. Their arms are slightly long for their proportions, and they have relatively large feet. Female Erebus have long, dark grey hair, and have a much more feminine body style. Their height averages at about 6 ft. By 10 human years, they can no longer physically or mentally age (meaning they will not have memory problems or anything like that like humans do).


Most Erebus are located in Snowdin forests. Because they only come out at night, it became a popular belief that Erebus would eat children who sneak out without permission at night. This, however, is not true. Many Erebus are actually friendly and peaceful, but there still remains some who have great animosity within their veins.

Special Features

When it reaches age 7, an Erebus can learn telekinesis and manipulate red energy. There is also a 45% chance of an attack passing right through an Erebus, as they are linked to shadows. Because of this, they can also turn invisible for a limited amount of time. An Erebus must train like a human would to increase their duration of cloaking, like stamina for humans. When the Erebus made their debut in the underground, they possessed the ability to infect others and turn them into other Erebus, but as time went on, they stopped using this ability, and it eventually disappeared within them.

Erebus soldiers can also manipulate tentacles or manipulate barbed wire.


Long ago, a scientist captured a young monster and performed an unethical experiment on him. He injected him with a black serum. It changed his appearance and slightly modified his personality, but it went wrong, and he lashed out at his creator, killing him. He was feeling insane, and he attacked many monsters, turning them into his new kind. So many monsters were infected that the condition became a seperate species. Erebus used to resemble their former selves, but as time went on, they began to look much more different.


  • Erebus comes from the Greek word for Darkness, or dark.
  • Erebus do actually have mouths, but it only appears when they scream, roar, eat, or want to stick. They have jagged teeth and a red mouth and tongue.
  • Some are born with a birth condition that causes their tongues to glow red.
  • They have not built any major towns or cities, as they use the forests to provide shelter.

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