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Erecheus is a half snake half humanoid figure, with purple/black scale pattern on their lower scaled half, while is the same in appearance as a pale white, tinted purple skin. He secretes a light purple goo over him. This goo on contact will do nothing, but prolonged contact will start to painlessly melt/erode what it is in contact with. If it reaches this stage on a monster, the part well distort heavily as the goo is absorbed, before, still painlessly moving back into it's natural position. The limb is usually rendered numb and unusable depending on how far it's gone.

His hair is purple, and his eyes a vibrant pink/purple. He has a weird condition, where his eyes get confused at sudden lighting and grow wide in bright lights or narrow in dark lights, causing him to be blinded temporarily. Repeatedly flashing lights, however, do not carry this effect, as his eyes recover from it temporarily. He usually carries a sword which is meant to be too heavy for him to use, but he manages too anyway, saying it's lighter for him. The sword is made entirely from a purple red crystal, which is slightly illuminative, and while not sharp, can hit heavily.

His scales are tiny and thin, causing very little extra defensive build-up there compared to the rest of his body. The scales are rough and scratchy, a bit more then sandpaper, and reflect little light, making them look darker then they actually are unless somehow smoothed. He does shed his scales by rubbing against a tree or cavern wall, which usually cause the scales to turn to dust quickly. He was an orphan from birth, no-one knows any of his relatives, and is usually quiet and doesn't speak much, but is very friendly, and when he does talk he usually talks for a long time.





  • None


  • Unknown



HP: 3500

AT: 20

DF: 5

EXP: 120

Gold: 0


HP: 4080

AT: 27

DF: 8

EXP: 130

Gold: 3


Check: [ AT, DF, His sword softly glows. ]

Stare [ You stare at him. He stares back at you. You have to look away. ]

Converse [ He doesn't respond ]



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