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Error!HorrorSans looks simlar to error sans except he has a bloody axe and has red strings and red tears a black jacket he likes to destory Aus with his Error!Sans like powers he can also use his red strings to turn a Au Sans Charcter into a Puppet and control Them For His Evil Uses He has already made a puppet out of Horror Papyrus and thought Horror Papyrus Was A Glitch He Hasnt Met He Other Counter Part Back In HorrorTale Yet He has made frisk and flowey guarded by blue bones and not making them reset the timeline of Horrortale He Hates Aus Like Oceantale Underswap Underfell Glitchtale And Undertale he thinks every Aus are a glitch and must be destoryed quickly He helps Error!Sans Destroy Aus his other friends are killer sans and Cross Sans.


One Day A Player In Horrortale Was Messing With The Games Files Too Much Changing Their Exp Lvl And Hp He Changed The Games Files Too Much Thus Making Error!HorrorSans Then In Anger Error!HorrorSans Killed The Player And Went On A Massive Murder Spree Killing Aus And Aus Charcters He Hates Ink!Sans But When Error!Sans Is Around He Does Not Attack Ink!Sans.


He is friends with Error Sans And Is Enemys With Ink!Sans His Other Friends Are Killer Sans And Cross Sans.


He Looks Simlar To Error!Sans



Art Made By


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