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Erza was one of the five Hybrid, and also one of the three to take the Oath. It is worth noting that she was the only female of the five. Her SOUL was absorbed by Tiffany, but her influence was still strong, meaning he hears voices in his head from her from time to time.


In her original form, Erza resembled an anthropomorphic (albeit wingless) dragon. Red, unkempt hair sat upon her head, and her eyes were a light yellow. Being in a lab away from society, she wasn't one to wear fancy clothing. She simply wore a light blue nightdress most of the time, given to her by Noma. In this form, her arms and legs were ever so slightly larger than the rest of her body, and were also a light shade of green, compared to the rest of her body, which was a peachy colour. Faint red markings could be seen on her body, if one looked at it from the right angles, though their significance is still not known.

In her new form, Erza looked far more human than she did before. Her hair was a rather unnatural dark shade of red, while she changed her eyes to a dark purple. She wore different clothing than her old form, due to her nightdress no longer fitting her after the transformation took place. Casual clothing was the least of her worries. In a world where anything could potentially hurt her, Erza opted to always wear light armor- specifically designed for her and her alone. Her boots, too, were also made of metal. One could say she was protected from head to toe, if she wore a helmet.


Erza was never really interested in playing with toys or reading books- mostly due to Noma's lack of the former and the fact that she found the latter completely boring. She instead found training with her brothers to be the most fun passtime. While they were not truly family, Erza loved them all the same. Well, apart from two: Tiffany and Harold. She enjoyed these two because she thought them cuter than Oathless or Levi... For some reason. There's also the fact that she was the older sister, and thoroughly enjoyed both making fun of the two and helping them out.

Her life progressed, and so did her mind. She began to actually find joy in books- both fiction and non-fiction, though still sparred and talked with her brothers. She became kinder to Tiffany and Harold, and even let the smaller one (Harold, obviously) ride on her shoulder from time to time, her love for them was clear. When the Hybrid left Noma, Erza took the Oath without second thought, she didn't want to hurt people, she thought it wrong to do so without proper reason.

So, she was a loving sister to the Hybrid, and thought killing without reason was wrong, simple enough. Erza isn't afraid of many things, actually, a lot of things. She also isn't afraid to get into fights... If they're not with any of her siblings, long story behind that one. Finally, even after leaving, Erza still had a slight bit of respect for Noma... Perhaps she was never told the full story of how the Hybrid came to be?


Erza was the third Hybrid born, after Levi and Oathless and before Tiffany and Harold. At first, she was silent among her brothers, which changed when the two after her were born. She grew to love Tiffany and Harold like real brothers, even acting as a normal big sister would to them. She occassionally sparred with any of her brothers, and was rather good at it. She recognized that Tiffany was not at all the brightest Hybrid of the bunch, and enjoyed teaching him the ways of people who were smarter. Harold occassionally tagged along, too. It was around this time that she transformed into her more humanoid form.

After being sent by Noma to attack villages, Erza realized she couldn't stay with him any longer. She left with the other Hybrid, and took the Oath, meaning she would never harm another Human or Monster... without good reason to, anyway. During her short time alone... Erza met a kind Human. A very, very kind Human. Inside was a feeling she had felt before, yet it felt different... She realized what it meant. She revealed her love to the Human, and despite them not knowing Erza's nature as a Hybrid, they were wed.

It was at this time Erza found out about Tiffany and Oathless' betrayal. One could imagine how heartbroken she felt when one of her greatest friends betrayed her, and even killed her older brother. She left her Human spouse, and went on a spree of killing innocents- with much guilt, of course. Eventually, she and Harold were cornered by Tiffany and Oathless. Harold opted to flee, but Erza stayed and fought.

Harold was quickly killed by Oathless, and Erza was left alone to combat Tiffany. Even with mustering every ounce of strength in her body, she couldn't bring herself to harm her brother. She held back, and was defeated at the hands of Tiffany, her SOUL absorbed. However, she does live on, inside Tiffany's mind. Occassionally, he may hear words from her regarding the situation he's currently in, though those are rare and require a lot of energy for her to produce.


Hybrid SOUL

The basic ability of a Hybrid. Erza was able to utilize the Hybrid SOUL on her opponents, slowing them down for one second every three seconds.

Weapon Manifestation

While she was far more proficient at fighting with weapons, Erza did train to some degree in her magic, mostly so she could give a little extra boost in combat. She used Weapon Manifestation for many reasons: it meant she didn't have to carry around heavy weapons all the time, she could summon a weapon quickly on the fly, and even change it to best fit situations. She was skilled with many weapons, but her most preferred was a one-handed sword.

Fire Breath

An ability exclusive to her original, dragonny form. One can tell what this ability did just from it's name. She never got to use it much, due to her not being near any sort of human establishments in her dragon form.


Original Form

HP - 7,500

ATK - 25

DEF - 30

Erza was a tanky dragon, not much needs to be said. This form was only ever used a few times in battle, as she turned into her more humanoid form before she even left Perfecture.

Altered Form

HP - 5,000

ATK - 30

DEF - 25

Switching to a Humanoid form made her lose some of her natural tankiness since instead of strong scales all she had was human flesh and some armour. In return, she did gain some ATK but it's not really anything to write home about.


  • While Erza was young, she aged at an incredibly fast rate compared to Humans, having her reach maturity in just a very short while after her birth. 
  • While her Human spouse is never named (and probably never will be), it's highly possible that Erza had a child. A child that was meant to be the Hope for the new world, Hope that one day, Humans, Monsters and Hybrids could live together in harmony...

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