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Ethan Blackberry is a teenage Monster living in the Underground, specifically in the Hotlands. He is well known for being an obnoxious prankster, and is the most subscribed personality on UnderTube. While his pranks can go very far, some of his pranks have been faked, and he has labeled some as "social experiments".




Ethan Blackberry is a rather unusual Monster in appearance. The base seems to be a bunch of blackberries, which is shaped to be taller than it is wide. However, thin arms and legs sprout from holes in respective spots, making him bipedal.

The face is actually a large berry within the bunch, being grey and having a nose, mouth, eyes, etc. He also seems to have some hair in place of his stem, which is styled somewhat but not completely, causing a few strands to droop down his forehead.



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Romantic Partner(s)

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HP: 200

AT: 15

DF: 10


AT: Camera - 5 AT. Better watch out, this guy is looking for juicy pranks to record (GONE WRONG) (IN THE HOOD).

DF: Vest - 5 DF. He's prepared for certain levels of backlash that he may receive (ALMOST DIED) (ALMOST CAUGHT BY ROYAL GUARD).


Check, Give Food, Prank, Talk


Ethan Blackberry is usually encountered in Hotlands, during one of his pranks or "social experiments". The battle isn't out of the ordinary all that much, but killing him always requires three hits, and killing him will result in healing yourself.


A camera scrolls around the bullet board, the line of vision shown by a glowing cone. If the Soul remains in the line of vision for long enough, they will be damaged.

Some rocks are thrown onto the screen, probably one of Ethan's "pranks". They bounce once before getting off of the bullet board, and may damage the Soul on contact.

Ethan throws a large bag onto the bullet board, as if it was a bomb. However, it's actually just a sack full of dirty clothes. However, the stench will slow down the Soul.

Ethan whips his hair, and takes out a smoke machine, covering the bullet board in smoke. Don't worry, it's just water vapor, won't harm you. But it will impede your vision for other attacks.


To spare Ethan, one of two things must be done. One thing could be giving him some food, which will immediately allow sparing. The other thing is Talking to him three times. Pranking will not do anything, as he will be unaffected.




"It's just a prank, just a j-joke!" [First Hit]

"There's a camera, there's a cAMERA" [Second Hit]

"...At least the tag will be so a-a-awesome... (LITERALLY DIED)" [Third Hit, Death]


"Whatcha doing? YOU CAN'T PRANK THE BLACKBERRY!" [Prank]

"I'm here to kill you!" [Talk #1]

"W-What do you mean by 'This is fake'?" [Talk #2]

"HA! You're right, it's just a prank bruh!" [Talk #3]

Flavor Text

Ethan Blackberry points at you with a glare. [Encounter]

Ethan Blackberry might be acting, he should go to Hollywood. [Neutral]

Ethan Blackberry is preparing another cancerous prank (GONE SEXUAL). [Neutral]

Ethan Blackberry is pointing at a supposed camera. [Neutral, Hurt]

You gave Ethan Blackberry the [INSERT FOOD NAME HERE]. He tries a bite of the food, stops for a moment, then suddenly spits out the food and throws the rest to the side, screaming. [Give Food]

You asked Ethan Blackberry what he was doing. [Talk #1]

You seemed suspicious, and told him that it seems fake. [Talk #2]

You figure out what's going on, and called out Ethan Bradberry's prank. [Talk #3]


  • Ethan Blackberry is obviously based off of the prankster on YouTube of the same name, Ethan Bradberry.


Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and to Neko for providing the base page.

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