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EtherTale colored.

Long ago, two races ruled on Earth.


The two races did not trust each other,

and they declared war.

The MONSTERS were victorius,

and imprisoned the HUMANS.

The MONSTERS started to distrust each other,

and had an external war.

The HUMANS saw this as a chance,

and managed to seal the MONSTERS underground.

The MONSTERS, however, still had their war.

The race split into three groups,


the LIGHT,

and the NEUTRAL.

These neighboring groups fought a raging war.

And this war, was the beginning of Ethertale.


Ethertale is a Undertale AU where the human does not fall into the Underground. Instead, the Monsters have a war against each other.

There is the CORRUPT, a group filled with chaotic and evil villains that do evil deeds.

There is the LIGHT, a group that contains less violent monsters that thrive as a good citizen.

Then there is the NEUTRAL, a group of monsters that only do deeds for themselves. They are not considered good or evil, they are the border.

The humans are the very center of this war.



Asgore: A fierce king, ruler of the LIGHT. He was the original king of all monsters, before the war. He plants flowers, but mainly makes sure people don't attack, and makes sure the guards are always prepared. He hates the war, as he has to fight Toriel.

Undyne: Asgore's best guard, and also leader of the Royal Guard, Undyne tries her best to stay on task. She finds it disturbing that she has to fight Papyrus, her old friend.

Alphys: The Royal Scientist, and also Undyne's wife. She stops watching anime, and works on setting up traps.



Flowey: The partial leader of the CORRUPT, Flowey spies on Alphys to figure out her puzzles. He uses his signature friendliness pellets. His goal is the defeat the LIGHT so he may achieve his true form, Asriel Dreemurr.

Gaster: Flowey helped him out of the void with his DETERMINATION, so Gaster owes his life to Flowey. Gaster fights for him, and sooner or later Gaster will realize Flowey had been using him.

Jerry: He's on the Dark Side now. But he's still Jerry. Just Jerry. Jerry.



Sans: A Neutral Skeleton who lives with his brother Papyrus. He is rather strong, but prefers not to use it. Sans occasionally has to do stuff to gain recognition for his brother.

Papyrus: Still the same as ever, but has lost a bit of ego after he found out he could not join the Royal Guard. He feels sad having to run away all the time.

Toriel: After divorcing Asgore, she left the LIGHT, and joined the NEUTRAL side. She was furious at him for causing the war that split up the monsters.


Jerome: Jerome has never really wanted to be in a war. He just wanted to race everyone. But after the war started, he joined the NEUTRAL side, believing that his vigilante side would suit best with neither light nor corrupt. However, he is also torn because he is friends with Undyne, and hates to fight her all the time.

Bryson: Bryson currently identifies as NEUTRAL, believing that meeting in the middle would be the best way of solving the issue at the time being. He believes that having too much LIGHT creates order, yet creates a senseless order, similar to that of slavery. Yet, believes having too much CHAOS would completely destroy order.


  1. OCs are allowed.
  2. No OP OCs
  3. Have to choose a side.
  4. Paragraph-sized description
  5. No LORE-breaking
  6. No breaking the 4th wall.
  7. No joke OCs.

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