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Extratale is a tweaked version of Undertale that features non-canon history for any route. From human souls becoming monster, more science (For science reasons.), how Gaster could have died (but how he did in this alternate universe), and many, many more!


-Nothing too OP

-Only the organizer of the Extratale RP (or the mods/admins) may have random weather happen.

-Time travel happens only when CobaltCollision allows it. Like most AUs in the Underverse, time is very important. And a note: it's an event, and I am real. Therefore, this breaks no rules.

-If you die, you die. If you die in a time before you were born (IE, if Asriel died before The War), then you get sent to The Void.


  • The CORE (Arcane Era/Present)
  • Hotland (Expansion Era/Present)
  • The Void (All Eras/Possible Future - Genocide )
  • Waterfall (Blossom Era/Present)
  • RUINs (Expansion Era/Present)
  • The Great Partition (Segregated Era)
  • Ebbott Village (Arcane Era/Present)
  • Mt. Ebbott (Present/Human-Monster War)
  • Lab/True Lab (Determination Era/Arcane Era)
  • Human City (Segregated Era/Possible Future - Pacifist)
  • Monster Town (Segregated Era/Possible Future - Pacifist)

Times (Past, Present, and that's it.)

The Present

The current time. If you died before this time, you're either dead or in The Void.

The Determination Era

Alphys has just become The Royal Scientist in this timeline. Mettaton has not gained a robotic body yet.

The Arcane Era (Monsters)

Asgore presents Doctor W.D. Gaster with the task of building The CORE. Era ends when Gaster dies in The CORE.

The Arcane Era (Humans)

Humans still have a bit of magic in them. However, they are quickly losing touch with it.

The Expansion Era

The monsters have just finished building The RUINs as a home for Toriel. Snowdin Town 95% complete. Anthropomorphic animals take over about 45% of the monster population, ending this era.

The Construction Era

Waterfall at 45%. Hotland at 73% completion. Snowdin 15% completion. The Capitol at 89% completion. Toriel's exilation ends the era.

The Blossom Era

Vegetation exported to the Underground settlement. Phoenix flowers go extinct.

The Human-Monster War

Click link for information. Information provided by Undertale Wikia.

The Segregated Era

A time of struggle between the human and monster races. Laws have been provided by the human aristocracy and the monster monarchy to stay away from the opposite races. Temmies are more savage in this era.

The Proto Era


Savages everywhere.


Bold Italic Strikethrough Underline Superscript
Human Monster Deceased Main Character of specified era Possible Future

Note that half-strikethrough characters are corrupt/undead. Also note that people with strikethrough also are not dead in their respected era.

  • Frisk (The Present)
  • Frisk, SOUL of Optimistic Determination
  • Frisk, Seeker of SOULs
  • Chara (Expansion Era)
  • Corrupt Chara, SOUL of Vacillation
  • Asriel/Flowey (Expansion Era/none)
  • Asriel, SOUL of Hope
  • Flowey, The Rogue Within The Shadows
  • Toriel
  • Toriel, Gatekeeper of The RUINs
  • Toriel, Queen of The Underground
  • Sans
  • Sans, World-Class Comedian
  • Sans, Bringer of Judgement
  • Papyrus (the Puzzling)
  • Papyrus, Head of The Royal Guard
  • Papyrus, Spaghetti Extraordinaire
  • Undyne (the Undying)
  • Undyne the Undying
  • Undyne the Void-Swept
  • Alphys
  • Alphys, The Underground's Shining Beacon
  • Alphys, The One Who Took Action
  • Dr. Gaster (Arcane Era, Monsters)
  • Dr. Gaster, the Re-United Father
  • Mettaton
  • Asgore (Segregated Era, War of Humans and Monsters)
  • The Mountain King
  • The Fallen King
  • The Six Mages (Segregated Era, War of Humans and Monsters)
  • The Six SOULs
  • The Six Corrupt SOULs (Rudeness, Injustice, Hopelessness, Cowardice, Impatience, Deceit, Vacillation)
  • Icy and Flame
  • Jack
  • (insert OC here, Segregated Era human)
  • Bryson (Segregated Era)
  • Thera (Blossom Era)
  • (insert OC here)
  • (insert OC here)
  • (insert OC here)
  • (insert OC here)


  • List fun facts about your alternate universe!

Wall of Help

If you help me with this AU very majorly, your name may go up on this wall!


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