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Eyeren, the eye who is known for wearing anime shades. And for being one of the only monsters to escape the ruins. Eyeren looks like loox. well. They even SMELL like them, which is probably their same species of eye creatures. They wear anime sunglasses (Aka Dirk's Glasses/Or Gurren Lagann). They are known for acting very pesky, and do whatever it takes to be cool. more of a try hard. they cross their arms when they have the chance, use that annoying cool guy accent. But behind those awesome shades... Lies a coward, a shutout, who wanted to be famous, known... Praised. After verbal bullying for "Being a nerd". or insults that young people use. They didn't know what to do . So they dropped their glasses... Books... (A kid's book about what 2 + 2 is). And went to the forest, to weep. After crying. they found something resting that their side. and those were... shades.. And let's say. their actions changed too... They are known for doing JOJO poses when in any situation, like when they introduce themself they do a pose. They know these poses from when they were walking through waterfall. they found a pile of JJBA manga, and CD's of the anime. they frequently visit the junk yard looking for more JJBA junk.


From that story that found itself in the Description. you could tell, that life... was rough. now let's start again... Eyeren first started out as what you would call... A shutout. they mostly kept to their self.... paired with prescription glasses. and a book to let them have a head start in math and english. they had "Ok" Grades. it wasn't the best. but it was more than the "Cool kids" Who skipped school and smoked "Sugar" and yes it was actual sugar. The kids, then started bullying them calling them a nerd, and should get lost, cause they say "We don't allow nerds here you pin-head" They took this a insult, and ran away, dropping their backpack, glasses, book, and ran into the forest, crying until they fell unconscious after bumping into a tree because of sight. And when they woke up, a pair of sun glasses were laying besides them. they placed them on, and changed their persona, well... as a shell. skipped class. did whatever the "Cool kids" Did. Later, they were scheduled for a appointment and was given "Prescription sunglasses" then years and years later. they had been known "As dah kol kiddie" by one single person. and that was loox



  • Unnamed Mom & Dad: Status: Alive


  • Loox: Pretty good friend. they met up after some bullying problems.


  • Loox: Nuff said





  • HP: 78
  • AT: 7
  • DF: 8
  • EXP On Kill: 7
  • Gold on Win: 9


  • HP: 78
  • AT: 1
  • DF: Negative 16
  • EXP On Kill: 8
  • Gold on Win: 10








* The coolest kid in town came to see you


* The Coward looks at you in the eyes, and looks away fast.

Flavor Text

[Encounter] Sup Nerd! [Neutral/Pacifist]

* They Strike a pose after talking smack to you

* They tip their glasses down to see if you're looking at them.

* They attempt to think of A good line. They Fail.

[Encounter] Su- oh god... wha-ats... that... is that dust... Get away from Me!! [Genocide]

* Eyeren's smirk slowly fades away

[Attack] Du-de! that hurted a l- oh... no.... NOT MY RADICAL GLASSES! [If attacked on neutral/Pacifist] (Glasses Crack)

* Eyeren looks at you in fear with one eye while trying to seem cool and angry.

[Attack] Pre-prepare to d- [Genocide/Final Blow] (Glasses snap in half)

[Bully] You do-on't... mean it... right? I mean, i'm the coolest guy in town... Right... Am i right...? [Pacifist/Neutral]

* Eyeren starts to tear up

[Compliment] Thanks! i worked hard on these!... wait... Stay away from me! Don't touch the shades! [Neutral/Pacifist]

* Eyeren strikes another pose

[Check] The coolest eye in town... [Pacifist/Neutral]

[Check] A pure coward hiding behind glasses [Genocide]

[Math] They almost answer, but decides not to [Pacifist/Neutral]

[Compliment 2] Thanks... again, well... you seem like a cool guy. so... yeah... [Sparable]



Eyeren has a endless amount of shades. and if you try to take them off, another pair will be there, but attacking them while they are on their face, breaks all of them. They use this attack as grabbing their shades and throwing them like Boomerangs [There is no attack on genocide]

Laser Eye Surgery

After going to a doctor to wear normal sunglasses and not "Prescription" ones. they decided to get laser eyes. lets just say... they got laser eyes. They fire laser beams at the soul at a slow speed, does about two damage before the invincibility frames take place

Ninja Kicks

After training on being a ninja cool guy, they learned the arts of ninja (Ssshh). And they mostly use kicks. But due to being a novice at being a ninja, jumping high and punching, kicking, is the only thing they are good at. but Kicking is what they do most. A small leg shows up on screen [Like mettaton's leg attack] but from any angle.. only one leg can show up at a time.

Combo Attack

They fuse all of their attacks. into one major barrage of attacks. And lets say. the rounds end quickly, mostly because it takes a lot of energy to use them all at once.

Hover Glasses

A giant pair of (Anime) sun glasses they wear on their back which is use for long term transportation. It is powered by magic and is magically linked to Eyeren using a soul bound like spell. Where it could be broken, and all the magic currently used in it could be lost. And even though it is powered by Eyeren's magic. you can use it without having them approve, there would be a little switch on the bottle of a board, which you can flick and magic will be directly taken away from Eyeren making them weak, but around the point where they are near death. the Glasses deactivate.

Random Hovering

After an encounter with An Magic Shop Owner. Eyeren had paid and bought a Potion which can help with Eyeren's Hovering. What happened Sadly that Eyeren drank all of it and has been floating at random. They float up to the ceiling of whatever there is, and after a bit, they fall back down.


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