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Fahrenheit is a cat-like monster who makes her residence in Snowdin Town. She is known to be a very law-abiding citizen who will do anything to help out a needy monster. Oddly, she has an extreme hatred of books and resorts to burning any and all that she finds. This strange habit has earned her the nickname, The Firegirl.


Fahrenheit resembles a yellow-feline creature standing on her back legs. Her front legs are obviously used as arms, just as any other monster uses them. She has very rosy and visible cheeks that shine through her yellow fur. On these cheeks are her whiskers - Which she often rips out in frustration because of people continuing to read books. She always makes sure her whiskers are of equal length and equal number before even taking a step outside her house - Such a great firegirl needs to keep up her appearance, after all.

Her fur looks very natural but it does not feel like the fur of a regular cat. In fact, it feels like a cheap fabric for some reason. Her attire is anything but casual, as she is commonly seen wearing a blue construction hat with a plus sign on it. She currently has two whiskers on her black snout (She originally had more, but she tore them out) and a large white ribbon on her neck. She is also equipped with a black and red striped pocketbook which is used to store any confiscated books before they are burned.

When she feels like dressing up she ditches her construction hat in favour of a starry wizard's hat. This hat has apparently been passed down in her family for generations - Leading up to her great great great great great great grandfather, Sir Fazzy Fahrenheit II.


The yellow feline is usually a calm and collected individual. If she spots someone with a book, she will calmly approach them and explain the dangers of reading books. She warns the person that if they continue the horrible habit of reading their brains will be set on fire. If they give up their book, Fahrenheit will thank them and place the book in her pouch before continuing with her day. If they refuse, she will no longer bother them but will be clearly agitated by their insistence on reading something that will one day destroy their mind.

As one could guess, Fahrenheit is not one who will easily change her opinion on anything. The most important thing to her is making sure the children of this generation are not corrupted by the evils of books, and to make sure of this she will burn any book she collects in her day to day life. Her hopes are that she will eventually be able to burn down the entire Snowdin Librarby and make Snowdin a better, more safe place for everyone. Ironically for someone who hates books and fiction in general, Fahrenheit is known to get very involved in festive events such as Halloween and Christmas. Using her trusty wizard hat, there is no challenge for her to find a costume - And on Christmas she prowls the streets searching for any children who were unfortunately gifted books instead of anything better. She takes these books to be burned and leaves the children a real present under the tree.


From a young age the yellow cat was trained to have a hatred against books. Her personal tutor - A monster known only as "The Hound" - told her that books would rot her mind completely. The Hound suggested she find more active ways to train her brain such as take long walks in the park, or cook good food for people. Fahrenheit took these suggestions to heart and ever since then has never even considered reading a normal hobby. To her, books will burn your mind unless you burn them first - And she always makes sure they're set ablaze before any monster could be unfortunate enough to turn the wrong page.

Her home was originally in Hotland where she lived with her parents but she immigrated to Snowdin Town upon learning of their extensive library. Of course, hearing such news shocked Fahrenheit so much that she just had to see it herself. She most likely fainted or cried upon entering, and borrowed a few books just to throw them into Hotland's lavas. It was most certainly worth it, but she got herself banned from the library in the process. No matter! She'd find other ways to burn these books!

Her endeavours against books led to people giving her the nickname "The Firegirl", and she really didn't mind this at all. She once attempted to join the Royal Guard using the alias "Sergeant Kitten" but was rejected on account of being too weak and also an idiot. She disagreed with this, and to this day Fahrenheit the Firegirl will do anything to make sure the minds of today's youth are not burned with the plague of books!


HP - 500

ATK - 4

DEF - 3

Fahrenheit, if ever brought into a fight, will likely use her knowledge of fire to leave her opponent burned (And probably will blame it on a book in the aftermath). She is equipped with a bottle of kerosene, a match, and a flamethrower. While her equipment is fairly powerful, she is not a very powerful foe in her own right due to spending all of her time collecting and burning those dreaded books.


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