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Father (Real name Heinrich Albrecht) is a former politician and current leader of the Richten religion in the Underland. He is greatly respected among the Demons for being the one to change Richten back from being classed as a cult to becoming the Underland's official religion. He is also noted as being the adoptive father for many Demons abandoned by their Monster and Human parents after the war.


Father appears to be an elderly and skinny man standing at around 5'9'. His eyes are red like any other Demon, but his are noticeably dark, perhaps because of age. He has a shiny, bald head and a small, black moustache. His dental hygiene is nigh perfect and his teeth shine almost as brightly as his head (Which is understandable since, of course, he has only the best dentists in the entire Underland working on his teeth). He has scars on his face from the war of long ago, but they are hidden with makeup (His makeup, too, being done by the most professional makeup artist in the entire Cult of Richten. Which is not himself).

One would be forgiven for thinking Father lacks any monster features, because he certainly does have some. Father's monstrous features make him similar to a Satyr of Roman mythology, though he only has the legs and lacks ears, hair, etc. He claims to not even know what a Satyr is, but it is highly likely that he descended from some sort of Satyr or Goat monster.

He often dons simple white robes when he is working in the Temple of Richten, but also has various outfits he uses for everyday activities. Father is also known to wear a special outfit with the symbol of Richten during political meetings with the Leiter or when visiting other species. He carries a staff with him wherever he goes and it is usually mistaken for a walking stick by those who don't know him. The staff does not contain any special powers, but is regarded as a sacred treasure of Richten and Father does not let it out of his sight.


He truly believes that Demons are the most perfect species to ever walk the face of the Earth and hates both Monsters and Humans with a passion. He is also extremely devoted to his beliefs in Richten, so much so that he made not believing in Richter illegal in the Underland. Erm, the Leiter did, that is. He most definitely does not have any sort of hand in the Underland's politics, of course!

Father is quite a friendly person willing to listen to whatever problem a Demon may come to him with, and he will always offer his best advice for them. He is on a first name basis with almost everybody in the Underland and is quite the celebrity there. Though he believes that Demons are superior to all, he believes that every Demon (Except Richter and non believers, which cannot be compared to anything) is equal to one another regardless of anything, as long as they believe in Richter.

To those who are not Demonic, or Demons that don't believe in Richter, Father is a completely different person. Merciless, cold and unforgiving, Father makes sure they realise their mistake in not believing in the Great and Amazing Richter. He views these non-believers as literal Demonic garbage and takes joy in watching them suffer in the infamous prison of Malatz.


Many, many years ago, Richten was a religion practiced by many. Not even just Demons, many Monsters and Humans believed in the amazing feats of Richter and every believer wished to follow in his footsteps. The religion was split when the king of the Demons at that time, King Ymir, branded it as a cult and all places of worship were officially shut down. Though now considered a cult, many still worshipped Richter behind the scenes without knowledge of the law, and Father, or Heinrich as he was known in that time, was one of those people.

Heinrich had believed in Richter ever since first hearing about him at the age of just 3. He learned of Richter from a cleric preaching about Richter in a market Heinrich frequented for his family. Being the first that he had ever heard of such wondrous stories, Heinrich listened to the man preach for an extended amount of time and truly believed every word he said. He asked many questions about Richter, all of which answered as best the cleric could. Eventually, Heinrich had to leave, but he always came back to hear more about this amazing Demon by the name of Richter.

For years this continued and Heinrich enjoyed every moment of it. He began studying Richten in his schools and his knowledge of it was unrivaled even by those who had been training in it for years. He was finally made a Cleric of Richten at the age of 25, but the ban of it was not too long after. Heinrich continued to worship Richter behind the scenes with any other followers he could find. By the start of the Human-Monster war, Heinrich led a "Cult" of many followers throughout the land, where they visited places Richter was reported to have been thousands of years prior.

When the war began, most of his cult split up and left him alone to fight. He joined the Monsters side, falsely believing that they were stronger than Humans. Of course, he lost, but not before developing a massive distaste for both species not unlike that of a certain Captain's. The journey into the Underground was a tough one, as he still had to keep his cult hidden from King Ymir while also working closely with the other Demons and Monsters in order to build a safe place for both species to live. 

He, along with the remaining members of his cult, fostered many Demon children that had been abandoned by their Human and Monster parents. This was the first time Heinrich was ever called "Father", a name that he officially took not too long after. Even back then, he was a very influential person in the Underground. Soon, King Ymir made the order to dig deeper into the Underground when he realised that the Underground itself could not hold both Monsters and Demons, and Father was one of the first to settle in the new land that they had made for themselves.

Hiding out in Magmaflow with the rest of his cult, Father continued to raise the children they had fostered to become capable Demons who believed in Richter. He noted a very specific one by the name of Q, whom he always thought was special from the rest. In time, she would become the fabled Leiter of the Demons, and the first step to bringing Richten back into society, but that would not be for a while.

After the tragic death of King Ymir, Father hid in the shadows with the rest of his cult. One by one, people who stepped up to lead the Demons were dying... And why was that? The Demons, confused and afraid, turned to the once forbidden Richten for guidance. Father told them that one day, Richter would return from his journey and free them all from the Underground! They all believed this, and many a Demon became a follower of Richten during this time. His reputation grew even higher, and to some was considered more important than the leader of the Demons herself, Miss Q.

Upon reading one of Richter's many stories one eventful day, Father came across the tale of Ebott and had a realization. The mountain they were living in was none other than Ebott himself, the only remenant of Richter's presence in the world. And so, he made a speech to enlight all the other Demons of his discovery. Father told them all of his discovery, and they were impressed! They gathered their military might with only one goal in mind: To reclaim the Holy Land taken by the Monsters, in the name of Richter!



Renowned for years to come as the man that returned the Glie to their former glory, Father eventually sealed off the entrance to the Underland and led the Glie in a war campaign said to have been led by Richter himself. It is not known if they were successful in their mission.

Powers and Abilities

The Father uses a very particular type of magic, once said to have been used by Richter himself. This type of magic is known as Holy Dark Magic. Holy Dark Magic is a sub-class of regular Dark Magic that combines the powerful and destructive spells the latter is known for with more supportive elements to create a strange hybrid that both hurts and heals equally well. The Father knows a few spells, and they will be listed here:

Dark Screen

Simply put, a defensive spell infused with Dark Magic to give it more offensive properties. When Father uses Dark Screen, he creates a small shield around a single target (Be it himself or any other Monster/Demon he desires) that absorbs damage given to them. When the shield wears off, it will return any damage dealt to the one it was cast on to the one that dealt the damage. 

Dark Barrier

A more powerful form of Dark Screen that covers a wider area, but lasts for a shorter amount of time. Since it's so big, anything that attempts to walk through Dark Barrier takes 5HP in damage in addition to whatever damage may have been reflected back to them. Dark Barrier acts as a large-scale defensive technique against any threat that may come to the Underland.


Though not technically a Holy Dark Magic spell, Father knows limited healing magic in the form of Recovia. Recovia instantly restores 20% of the target's HP. The spell's only downside is that Father cannot cast it on himself as he needs clear vision of a target in order to heal them. 


Father can create illusions to fool his enemies. This spell does not do any damage but can raise the stakes in battle as foes desperately try to find which one of the illusions is real and which attack will actually hurt them. This is his favourite tool to play with the minds of non believers.


Father may apply a special effect to either Recovia or Dark Screen called "Afterburn". Afterburn deals 1 HP damage every turn to a target, and it is used to confuse enemies into thinking Father is on the wrong side. Unless Afterburn is noticed and cured (With any sort of cold food or beverage), it will continue to deal damage until the battle is over.


Health - 500

Defense - 4

Attack - 1

Gold - 450

Father is not a strong opponent in the slightest. In a Pacifist battle he is unable to deal any damage to the player whatsoever other than by using Afterburn, and even then it will take 20 entire turns to defeat them and it can be healed very easily. Father becomes a bit more of a challenge in a Genocide battle, however, as he is able to use Dark Screen and Afterburn to their full effect to reflect damage dealt to him back at the player. 

In a Pacifist battle the player may spare the Father after selecting Spare enough times. He will realise they're not a threat to him and stop fighting, instead personally escorting them to Malatz so they can be imprisoned there under the watchful eye of Aruma Eruma.


  • Father and Vidian are the only living speakers of an ancient language known as Glien. In Father's case, he learned this language due to its apperarance in the Book of Richten numerous times. 
  • He is known to sometimes don sunglasses and call himself "The Father". When he does this, he claims to be a completely different person.

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