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Flowerfell is an Undertale AU based off Frans (Sans x Frisk), and based off Underfell (Undertale AU). The creator of this concept is Sanei. Its perfect for Sans x Frisk shippers as me :3


Frisk was a human that fell to the underground, meeting a nice and scared flower called Flowey. After Flowey explained everything to her, they continued exploring. In a place known as "Snowdin" Frisk and Flowey meet a skeleton, and they continued. Frisk, having so much flowers in her body, died fighting with Asgore, and Sans, absorbed the human souls to convert into Ultra Sans and destroy the barrier... That was Frisk's wish


Everytime Frisk dies, a new flower grows on her body

Flowey isnt evil

In the original history, it dosent shows to appear any other character than: Flowey, Sans, Asgore. Anyways you can RP pretending that happened

Sans is the one that absorbs the human souls. Anyways, Flowey has a version of him with the souls, so you can RP that happened, its called Alpha Flowey

Frisk, and the places wont have differences of colors



Frisk: As said before, everytime she dies she gets a flower on her body. Anyways, she is really happy trying to keep Flowey and Sans happy too. She wears Sans jacket most of time, and sometimes a red heart necklace. In this universe she's female

File:Flowerfell sans by sharxami-daxdaal.png

Sans: Is very protective of Frisk. He wears a black red striped scarft and a save point necklace with a bright red sweater. When meets Frisk wears his jacket. He has a secret crush on Frisk and a secret hate on Flowey

Flowey: He is the same as Underfell, he helps Frisk to win the game, and protects her with Sans. Secretly knows Sans has a crush on Frisk and do not hates Sans so much

【Flowerfell】 Secret Garden 【Original Song】03:53

【Flowerfell】 Secret Garden 【Original Song】

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