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Standing at 5 feet tall, he makes an intimidating figure. He always wears his black pants, grey shirt, and blue cloak. His mouth is fully movable, allowing him to actually open his mouth. He has a single scar running over his right eye. His electric blue pupils distinguish him from most.

His soul color is an upside down purple soul, which stands for Perserverance.


His home is a small little hut. Inside though, he has at least 5 different rooms.

His living room is built like the skele bro's house, the only difference being that he has a computer in the corner.

His bathroom is... a regular bathroom. It is not a portal to another dimension, a time machine, or a entrance to a dungeon.

His bedroom is small compared to his house, only consisting of a closet with his clothes, a king-size bed, and a couple of textbooks, computers, and posters.

His kitchen is small, with the basic necessities for a skeleton.

He lives in his house with Dreadlock.


He is mostly friendly, only becoming hostile when provoked. Since he has lived in the underground for a long time, he has a large tolerance for the other monsters. When angered, he tends to create electricity in mid-air. He is known for not holding grudges against people.


One day, Force was walking around the Ruins when he spotted the exit to Snowdin. He crossed the exit and eventually ended up in Snowdin town. .

A few months later, he found a abandoned house in Snowdin forest, and he soon settled down in it. He became a member of the Royal Guard and sought to help Toriel whenever a new human fell into the underground.



After meeting him at Grillby's, he quickly became friends with the skeleton. They enjoy making puns together and studying quantum physics.


Like Sans, he quickly became good friends with the skeleton. Even though he annoys Papyrus with his puns, they still remain great friends. They occasionally make spaghetti together


When he firsy joined the Royal Guard, she thought he was going to be weak. After his training though, she changed her mind. They both enjoy cooking with Papyrus and watching anime with Alphys and Dreadlock.


When he was going through the underground one day, he met Alphys. After talking for a whle, he decided to help her on some of her expirements. He enjoys watching anime with her, Undyne, and Dreadlock.



He is one of the members of the Royal Guard. No one had ever trained him. If you belive the rumors, some say he trained himself.



When the battle commences, he immediately turns your soul purple, forcing you to dodge the onsluaght of bones and spears.. During the next few attacks, you need to dodge his sword slashes, spear stabs, and electric waves. After 9 turns, he begins to get tired, and he gathers his remaining energy into a final attack.


When the battle starts, he throws a couple of bones at you. After a few turns, he shoots some low-power electricity waves. Midway through the battle, he gives you a chance to flee. After a few more turns, he just gives up fighting you, knowing you are not a threat.







Knock-knock joke



Attack: 40

Def: 40

Health: 10,000

Gold on kill: 700

Exp on kill: 1000


Attack: 15

Def: 5

Health: 4,500

Gold on kill: 90

Exp on kill: 100


  1. Electricity waves
  2. Sword slashes
  3. Blue/purple attacks
  4. spear stabs
  5. bone stab


Diamond-hilted katanas

One day while he was walking around, he saw a blueprint for an ancient weapon used by human warriors called samuria. Seeing that the weapons looked cool, and were powerful, he deciided to take the blueprints to create his own. He traveled to Hotlands to get the materials needed. After 5 days in Hotlands, he managed to create 2 diamond-hilted katanas, with a button embed into the hilt, allowing the blades of the weapons to gain an electric charge. The blades themselves deal 5 damage, while the electrocuted form deals a poison effect of 2 damage every 5 seconds.

Studded Whips

Originally used to tie things together, he ended up getting the remain materials from his katanas to create some studded whips. The studs generate an electric charge and release a powerful nuerotoxin, capavble of paralyzing a SOUL for 7 seconds.



"So, you're this human that I have heard so much about."

(If attack) "..."

(If spare) "...."

(If attack again) "You know I won't fight back, right?"

(If keep on sparing) "You know what, forget about this fight."


"So you did it again. No matter what happens, you won't learn your lesson. Well, you know what they say, once a human, always a human."

(If attack) "Feisty there aren't ya?"

(if spare) "You know that won't do nothing."

(You can no longer spare him.)

(If attack again)"You seriously don't know what you're doing, right? Do you know what might happen if you defeat me?"

(3rd attack) "The world might end."

(After 7th turn) "Well, time to make this interesting."

(Once HP reaches 0)"You know*Pant* for a human *pant*, you aren't so weak. Papyrus, Sans, I'm ...sorry....."


  • If you anger him enough, sparks will emit from his body.



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