"Oh hello Human!"

-Forias when encountered on a Pacifist/Neutral run

Forias' lab theme/Forias' theme


Paperjam!Sans AKA ME owns this OC! Please ask her if you want to use Forias for anything!


Forias technically fought in the War as a weapons specialist and medic, until she was sealed underground with the other monsters. Ever since, she's been hosting several experiments on her own (one including the reason why a fourth of her face is metal).

She eventually got a hold of the Determination serum and hosted a few experiments with that, one including the creation of Ajax. When Ajax was made, she cared for him like a mother and taught him everything she could.

When Ajax was around 7 years old, he started getting lonely since she's been hosting more experiments lately. So she used 5 years to create the sisters. She took care of these 3 just as much as she did with Ajax.

Ajax eventually grew up and earned his own consciousness, he secretly stole Forias' ideas and made servants for himself, but only 4 survived. Forias found out and tried to kill Ajax but he escaped.

Out of rage, Forias had to start over. So she created the Aljoreta. They were created by her, when she cut off a part of her skin (which was not human skin, only looked like one. It also regenerated quickly) and gathered scraps of metal from the dump to create the first Aljoreta. She then ordered the Aljoreta to mass produce more of them, and eventually created a legion of anthropomorphic animals/cyborgs. They see Forias as their god.

Eventually, she knew she had to make money somehow. So she created a prosthetic business for people who needed new hands or legs or whatever. Her business boomed and she used the money to extend her lab and eventually created a hive mind for her species. Her being the leader. Her lab can be encountered in Hotland, near Alphys' lab. When encountered, you cannot fight her, rather you can talk to her about anything.

Currently has around a decade left in her lifespan.


Forias is an Aljoreta, which is a species she created on her own. She lost part of her skin on her face because of an accident she had with one of her experiments. Due to this, she wore a face mask until she found a bunch of metal in the dump. She polished this metal and attached it to her face, she also replaced her right eye with a mechanical one. She wears glasses too. She wears a lab coat and a black and white dress underneath it. She wears black heels. She has mechanical bear ears.



None so far.


The Aljoreta- Her species

Ajax- She wants him dead. Her creation.

Naifu, Espada and Knife -Neutral on them. Her creations.



"Oh, hello Human! My creations said you decided to visit the lab, welcome!" -When encountered

"How 'bout I give you a small tour? Just point at any of the rooms, and I'll tell you what it is!"

*She gives you a metal stick. Move it with the left and right keys and press [z] to hear about it.

[When you point at the edge of the screen] "That's the hallway to the entrance! The personal rooms of each of my creations are also there"

[When you point at the first room at the left] "That's the Creation room. This is where the first phase of each Aljoreta is mass produced, tested and if it passes it goes onto the second phase, if is exterminated"

[When you point at the second room] "That's the Visual room. This is where the second phase of the passed Aljoreta goes. A group of other Aljoreta give each one an animal to look like. Like the ones from the surface, y'know?"

[When you point at the third room] "That's the Final room. Newly made Aljoreta are finalized and released"

[When you point at the other side of the hallway] "Oh, you want to move on?"

[When Yes is picked] "Alright, I suppose we should visit my office now"

(You follow her to an office and you can ask her anything about the game by typing in the question. Obviously, there are some questions that she cannot answer, ask in the comments what you would ask and I can give an answer as Forias would)


She is the only one in the lab, the rest of the Aljoreta was already ordered to evacuate.

"Hello Human."

[You are brought to a fight, after all this is Genocide]

"Now now, I cannot fight. But please do hear me out"

[You slash at her, it kills her]

"Ah...I won't listen to me..but hey....since you killed killed him, right? I hope you did...I"

[She turns into dust and she doesn't give you any EXP, but gives 30G]


User:Djracem for thinking of the name, thanks maaan..



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