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"Welp... I guess no one can stop you now... I'm just a shadow of who I was... ... Let me ask you a question... Why did you do it? What pain have you feel to make kill my friends? Sans could hardly accept the truth that his brother was dead... Why?!?!? What possessed you kill to them? ... I can't stay in this form much longer... My heart is slowing by the seconds... My Determination is running out... ... Once, I would have reasoned with you... Cared for you... Listened to you... Now... All I want is for you to be dead." - Fyla, Genocide, Judgement Hall.


Fyla is about as tall as Papyrus. She's mostly white in colour, though very light blue patches can be seen on her face and claws. Fyla has a flame like mane and two orange horns that face backwards. She wears a navy hoodie and green pants. Surprisingly, and unusually enough, she had a quiver of arrows on her back and a bow. She's rarely ever been seen using them though.


Fyla is more kindhearted in personality. She's a bit of a mash up of Undyne and Toriel, where she's mostly friendly but she's also an excellent fighter, and she won't hesitate to kill to defend her loved ones. She has a liking to Nice Cream and the occasional burger from Grillby's. There's a dark side of her that rarely shows up though, and only when she's terribly shocked, infuriated, or upset does she expose it. When this is the case, she turns into Deathstalker, a heartless, merciless demon version of herself.


Fyla's history is rather blurred. Fragments of her history often come from other characters, and Fyla hardly remembers anything herself.

From what others have said, Fyla was abandoned by her parents. There have been rumors of her actually falling into the Underground when she was tiny, instead of coming from it. From a young age she fended for herself, and she had to live on stealing food. At about the age of a teenager she somehow met Undyne, and they started talking. Soon after Undyne introduced her to the others.

History Quotes

"Oh, you've met Fyla? Yeah, me and her met a long time ago." - Undyne

"She's really loyal and friendly, more friendly than me... She wasn't that friendly when she was younger though." - Alphys

"you messed with my friend, didn't ya? you killed her, the dragon who fell into the underground." - Sans, Genocide

"I don't know where I came from. You see, I have Determination, yet I do not melt like other monsters. I suppose I came from above, but we may never know." - Fyla

"DON'T. TALK. ABOUT. FYLA. IN. FRONT. OF. ME. T-t-this was all a-a useless b-brother c-c-c-c-could d-do..." The Riddle


  • Often says, 'Pal, Dude, Ugh'
  • Nearly always tired
  • Is actually very smart like Alphys
  • Often grunts when frustrated, annoyed or thinking 
  • Excellent archer 
  • Impulsive 


Neutral and Pacifist

  • The first time Fyla is seen is outside Sans' and Papyrus' house, fiddling with a few arrows.
  • Fyla greets the player casually if approached. At this moment she does not appear to notice that the player is human.
  • After battling with Papyrus, Fyla rushes in, and starts bombarding the player with questions. After mentioning Undyne, she dashes off without another word.
  • Fyla reappears at the Waterfall, and asks the player is they want to have a mock battle.
    • If the player agrees, Fyla will engage in a fight. After accidentally hurting the player, she will use a healing ability and restores the player to full health, and triggers the end of the battle. Fyla apologizes, and gives the player Sea Tea as a present before telling them to see her at the Hotlands.
    • If the player disagrees, Fyla would tell them to meet her at the Hotlands.
  • Fyla is next seen next to Sans in the Hotlands. She seems really jittery and keeps spluttering when the player talks to her. Later it is revealed that she was lead into the True Lab by Alphys, and the memory was still fresh in her mind. This is also the last time Fyla is seen in person on the Neutral Route.
  • A shadow of Fyla is seen in the background of the Judgement Hall, where the player meets Sans before the fight with Asgore.


  • Fyla does not appear in her normal spots in Genocide.
  • Right before the player engages in the Papyrus boss fight, Fyla seemingly appears out of nowhere, and warns the player that they will have a bad time, ironically reflecting onto what Sans would say later in the game. The player is heedless and walks forwards a few steps before she runs up to block them.
  • The player is immediately given the chance to spare her. Fyla says that this would be the last chance that she would ever give them.
    • If the player spares her, Fyla would say she knew that they could do better, and moves aside to let them pass. After she appears in her normal spots again.
    • If the player attacks, Fyla would lose nearly all her HP, and she would fall to one knee. She says in a quiet voice that she knew that the player wasn't a monster, nor a human. She says they are nothing was a soulless savage beast, who feeds on the cries of the suffering. After she ducks her head for several moments, before suddenly saying in an ominous, evil sounding voice that she was more than they thought, hinting at the chilling possibility that she had killed others before. After her words she lifts her head, showing red, malicious eyes before the screen whites out, showing her as a shadow before fading away to reveal darkness.
      • Fyla reappears as Deathstalker, and says in a cruel voice that they were going to 'stop this madness once and for all'. After the player engages in a crazy battle.
        • If the player spares her at any moment in the battle, Deathstalker would seem to be shocked for a few moments, before they'll say that the player was softer than they thought. The battle would then end, and Fyla is no longer heard from until the end of the game.
        • If the player manages to kill her, Deathstalker staggers and trips over, landing on her knees. She would pant, and say in a softer voice that her life is over, and she had failed, leaving her friend in danger. Her image briefly flickers back to Fyla before she dies.
          • After killing Sans and the player taking a few steps forward, the screen blacks out suddenly and a shadowy figure appears dimly. It is revealed to be the ghost of Fyla, but she says she is using the last of her Determination to appear once more. She tells the player they have gone too far to go back. She yells at them for killing all her friends, for killing Undyne, for killing Papyrus and causing Sans' breakdown. After wishing that the player never existed, her ghost dissolves, and her SOUL shatters abruptly.  

Battle Information


AT: 41

DF: 21

HP: 100





Powers (Deathstalker)


Deathstaker will turn the soul orange, making it only able to flip the gravity. Attacks that can be used during this are Arrows, Platforms and Fireball.


A burst of arrows will fly from one end of the screen to the other. Touching them will cause damage.


Deathstalker will send fireballs from her hands similar to Azriel, though easier to dodge.


This attack is only used when the heart is orange. Platforms appear, and the player must flip gravity to stay on them. If the player falls they will land on white arrowheads and take damage.

Frozen Fire

Deathstalker will lift her hands, glowing either orange or blue as she throws ice bolts(blue) and fireballs(orange) at the player. 

Flavour Text & Quotes

  • Fyla blocks the way! [Encounter]
  • Fyla is waiting for your answer. [Spare option is available]
  • Deathstalker. [Fyla reappearing as Deathstalker]
  • A deathly being made from a mourning soul. [Check]
  • Where did the SOUL go? It seems like it's still watching you... [Deathstalker dying]
  • Death is near.
  • Truth and lies.

"I shall give you one more chance... You may spare me." - Encounter

"Y-y-you... I-I knew you weren't a monster... Or a h-human... Y-you really are a-a savage beast... ..feeding on your evil... ... But you don't know who I am... And neither did they." - Fyla after being struck for the first time.

"It is time to end this madness once and for all." - Reappearance as Deathstalker.

"Nothing to see. You won't live to tell the tale anyways." - Check

"Weakling..." - Cry #1

"Shut up!" - Cry #2

"..." - Cry #3

"I'll just ignore you." - Cry #4 and thereafter.

"No." - Plead #1

"I said no." - Plead #2

"What a bothersome fly." - Plead #3 and thereafter

"...What?" Spare #1

"You are softer than I thought..." - Spare #2, triggers end of battle

"Y-y-y-y-y... How? How did you... I-I-I thought I could..." - HP down to 0

"I'm sorry Papyrus... I've failed you..." - Last words and death


  • The player never engages in a true battle with Fyla in Neutral and True Pacifist mode.
  • Her UnderNet name is JustDragon101
  • Fyla's SOUL colour is Blue.
  • Fyla's SOUL does not break like other monsters' SOULs do when you kill them. It simply fades away.
  • A song that sounds similar to Temmie's Theme plays during the mock battle.
  • There is an odd connection between Fyla and The Riddle. The Riddle appears to know some things about Fyla that she doesn't even know herself.
  • Fyla has an annoying habit of fiddling; she can't sit still.


Fyla belongs to me, Finale.

Thank you to RisingFire2654 for the awesome pic!

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