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Constable Sheriff Officer Günter (simply Günter without his many titles) is the head of the Underland's secret police, the Jestafo. A veteran from many campaigns and wars involving the Demons, Günter has apparently received every military title possible. He is a very wise and trusted Demon, and would do almost anything for his species.


Rather ironically for his job in the "secret" police, Günter is always seen wearing heavy armour of a make that was only seen a very long time ago. He always requests it of this make whenever he is getting a new suit, as he believes it to be some sort of good luck charm. Naturally, this also happens to be the exact make of the first piece of armour Günter ever wore.

He is decently bulky and resembles a human, as many Demons do. He looks middle aged and has purple, slicked back hair. Under his armour, it is revealed that the only innately monster-like feature on Günter is a monkey-tail. It's possible he has more, but has never bothered to reveal any other than that. Not that it's hard to notice, though, it's always peeking through the back of his armour, perhaps there's some sort of hole made just for it.

Günter's armour is a dark shade of purple, most definitely darker than his hair, that's for certain. It looks to be a lot heavier than it actually is, but that doesn't change its wonderous defensive properties. On the left of the breastplate sits the flag of the Richt, which was only recently added due to their takeover of the Underland.


Günter is known to be a very strict individual to almost everyone. Those working under him in the Jestafo tell of him to be strict, but also very fair to those that follow his orders. His many years of battle experience have left him with a great mind and sometimes he is looked to as a tactician for the Richt's next battles, if Vidian's prophecies do not suffice. He is a trusted individual, and one of Father's first choices for bodyguards if he feels the ZZ are slacking on their job.

Though a great mind, Günter finds it hard to understand magic. As a knight who never bothered to dabble in the stuff, he often wonders how some come to be able to achieve great feats with it. Nonetheless, he's greatful for any mage that happens to be on his side in the time of battle and appreciates their help greatly. Speaking of appreciating, Günter is extremely polite to all, even those he finds annoying or thinks of as lesser than himself.

He's extremely dedicated to the Underland, and would do almost anything so that the Demons may prosper. He believes in fair justice, and is not a complete believer in the Richt, but nevertheless fights for the honour of the Demons and so that they may live on.


Long, long ago, before most residents of the Underland were even born, all Humans, Monsters and even Demons lived together on the surface in harmony with one another. Though tensions would rise here and there, nothing too bad came of it for a very long time. It was during this time of peace that Günter, hero of the Demons would be born into the world, on exactly the 3rd of February.

Born to two Demon parents, he was a farmboy true and true. Working with his mother and father on the farm was one of his most favourite passtimes (And really, the only one they could afford) and Günter soon came to love animals of every kind. For one of his birthdays, he was gifted a horse on which he rode into many a battle. This horse's name was Odyssey.

For many years, Günter continued to live on the farm with his parents. Odyssey had always been there with him, and he would often ride her out into the mountains to admire the mighty view. Life for Günter was wonderful, and he wouldn't have had it any other way. Alas, as many things do, the farm life gradually became more difficult as his parents aged. Leaving more and more of the work to Günter himself, he wasn't able to cope with it all and told his parents to sell the farm.

Trying to work out any way he could to fund his parents in their final years of life, Günter joined the Demon army, who was at that time searching for soldiers. Every time he got paid, he would send a fraction of it to his parents, who were at the time living out their last years in luxury. He and Odyssey shared a unique bond not present with the other soldiers and their mounts, and quickly rose through the ranks when it became apparent they had far more skill in battle than any other soldier.

During this time, Günter was set to be King Ymir's advisor due to his battle experience alone. His job was both wonderful and easy, with King Ymir listening to almost everything Günter suggested. It was he who advised the Demons remain neutral in the war, and it was also he who led the Demons in their final battle against the Humans (Supported by the Monster army, of course).

Entering the Underland changed little for Günter, though he does find himself partly responsible for the death of King Ymir. During the Richt's takeover of the Underland, Günter was demoted from advisor to head of the secret police. This change was actually welcome to him, as he had spent the majority of his life at that point as lead advisor, a change of pace was welcome.

To this day, Günter leads the Jestafo in the Underland, perhaps to be considered the Underland's equivalent of the Royal Guard.


Günter always remained loyal to the Glie - And the fact that he did not age boded very well for the war efforts the Glie were sent out on. His name was known for years to come and he became a legendary hero following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Seth.


HP- 5,000

ATK- 50

DEF- 20


  • Though his parents died of old age, Günter is unable to. During his time in the Demon Army on the surface, he visited some sort of Sage and was gifted with eternal life. He can still be killed, though.
    • Unfortunately, Odyssey was not given the same treatment, and died soon after his promotion to King Ymir's advisor.

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