Gallow is an OC of ArachnoGia.
"Hey Kid... can't you help a hung girl out? Ha ha ha... But seriously I need help."
―Gallow meeting the protagonist whilst being hung.

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This woman's will to not die is extraordinary...


Her whole past being shrouded in mystery it's only up to presumption on how she lived and how she died so it's only up for debate on what her real history was, some say she was a post-example from the spoils of the war who eventually found her way into the Underground, others say she was once HUMAN and was ultimately hunted down and killed to have her SOUL to be sacrificed to the king but with no result of even having one to spare eventually being hung as a memorial for nothing but an empty shell and other theories suggest she's just a wandering spirit simply without a real history alongside no recollection of who they really were.

But what they do know is that she was found hung with multiple arrows struck to her body, rope tied scars with plenty of wounds to tell the tale now parched on a gallows. Now with a consciousness she remained to hang until the latest HUMAN to fall into the Underground found her in Snowdin near the large forest areas originally losing her sense of memory but not her sense of humor.

From then on she somehow showed familiarity to Lady Elise who of which recognized her back in response, from then on they became Roommates somewhere in Snowdin where they had time to recollect on their memories, she later showed remembrance of Wendy in the passing time remembering that they were once friends in another time. No other recollection of her past has been shown however and her history is still shrouded in mystery to this day with no real evidence to prove of her full-prior existence.


Gallow is a woman of average height but seems to be below average of a female's usual weight. Her main item of clothing is a white, long sleeve top with multiple patches and tears of the polka-dot and striped variety coming in multiple colors and below is a composed assortment of torn rags of white, black and brown forming what seems to be a mini-skirt alongside only one white/black knee-sock on her leg.

What makes up for her stained brown/red appearance is an assortment of arrows lodged into her head with a rope on her neck and leg following with multiple stitches to cover up her wounds.

Her facial bodily features compose of a tanned skin alongside Hazel Brown eyes composed of dark brown hair but with the wounds making up for a brownish red look with an overall Sepia looking outlook.


In Battle


  • "Oh hey, it's you again! You may be wondering why I'm outside here well I'm on patrol for- Wait... ah well... darn, sorry kid I know you helped me out there but I'm just doing my job... I'll try to make this painless." [Encounter outside the entrance of the CORE]


  • "Hey kid... I'll tell you something that I've remembered... I didn't die for nothing and I sure as hell I didn't come into the Underground by falling down like a god damn stone... I may be dead but I sure as hell don't have a will to fight for what I strode for all those years ago... If you want to leave so badly..? You're gonna have to get past me creep..." [Meeting at the outside of the CORE]
  • "..." [Usual Dialogue]
    • "..Elise..." [When using "Mock" Taunt]
      • "She did nothing wrong..." [Using "Mock" again]
  • "Y-you're good kid... real good, but in the end is it all going to be worth the hunt for all that helpless game? So... Here's my advice to you and I want you to listen closely because I'm sure as hell will remember it.. You're better off like me." [Post-Death]

Flavour Text

  • Smells like something died.


  • HP: 0
  • ATK: 0
  • DEF: 0
  • GOLD on Drop: 100
  • EXP on Drop: Enough for LV 19
  • ACTS: Check


  • SOUL Mode: Sepia

In this mode the soul will be hung from a rope dangling and can only move in specific directions that being up, down left and right but there is also a mechanic where there are bounce mechanics for the rope so the player can use the momentum to evade obstacles in hard to get directions.

  • Bow and Arrow

Closing her eyes to concentrate Gallow summons a white bow alongside an arm to replace her left from that from firing grabs the levitating bow and begins to fire arrows onto the bullet board, these projectiles can also ricochet and spurt in different directions trying to hit the SOUL.

  • Rope

They are used as a whip and are waved across the bullet board trying to get at the SOUL they can also come in different variations such as knotting the SOUL into a tight corner or tie it up, they however come in speeds whether being fast or slow.


  • Gallow is based off one of the nine warlords in the game LISA: The Painful, Sindy Gallows.
  • In her art, Gallow is shown taking an arrow to the knee being a vague reference to taking an arrow to the knee in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.
  • It's confirmed Gallow has shown signs of liking her own gender.
  • Despite remembering Elise and Wendy, they are in fact the only thing she remembers.
  • Gallow's favorite hobby is taking and saving pictures