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Gavin is a red-headed, 14-year-old, and overall quirky and unorthodox human, residing in Waterfall. His clothes consist of a hat and jacket with a pattern of maple leaves and his SOUL embedded in his heart area, ripped jeans, gray Vans shoes and a T-shirt that says "I'm so undergrounded". He carries a satchel too, to put stuff in, just in case he finds anything he might want to keep since his pockets are too realistic. He is fun, shows all around kindness to almost everyone he meets, has a Sans-like sense of humor, and will always be there to help the ones he loves. He was born as a human, up on the surface to his family, but after he fell into Mount Ebott when he was 12, he met the monsters and decided to live Underground with them.

He became especially fond of the skelebros, most notably for their relatability. From being friends with Papyrus, he was able to become Undyne's friend, and Alphys' too. Since he lives within close proximity to Napstablook, he decided to be friends with him since he felt a bit sorry he felt bad all the time.

In the Genocide Route, he is fought as a miniboss before you fight Undyne the Undying, and can command a wide arrange of video game-related attacks, with Mario, Sonic, and Pokemon-styles being some examples. His other weapon is a bat, which is a shout out to Earthbound. If you perform the right order of ACTs, you can steal his bat and damage him more severely.  

After Lil left him alone, which he saw as a break-up, it hurt him very emotionally, and he broke away from his friends for a little while, hoping being alone would make him feel better....he still sits alone around Waterfall to this day.  



Napstablook, Sans, Papyrus, Frisk (depends on Route), Undyne, Alphys, Defense, and Jade.


Asgore, Mettaton, Grillby, Dogs (all of them), Temmies, Gabriel, Slade, Lil and Kaleb.


Anyone who dare threatens to hurt anyone he knows.

Love Interest

Not at the moment...poor guy...


Being a kind soul, Gavin has no LV or EXP gained, so he would be fairly easy to defeat, if he didn't dodge like Sans does.


HP: 20

Attack: 7

Defense: 1





-Steal [Pleading 3 times, then Challenging 2 times]


"Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Gavin. Rough bump-in with Undyne, huh? Here, you can come to my house if you'd like, so I can tell you about her, as well as offer some help." (Said when you first encounter him in Waterfall.)

"If my bro Defense was here, he and I would have an insane time, I know it! Our other friend's birthday party was unforgettable." (Said when Gavin can randomly call you in Hotland)

"Hey, you wanna see something cool? Here, look at this." (Said when you talk to him in the crystal cheese room. You can choose Yes or No. Choosing Yes will have you go to the Gaster Hallway and see Lil's room.)

"Hey, I'm listening to ______. Wanna hear?" ( A random track from the game's OST will play on his headphones. You then can choose to listen or not. Appears in Grillby's, sometime after battling Photoshop Flowey and going to Snowdin for Undyne's letter.)

Encounter (Genocide-only)

His fight encounter happens on the Genocide run only, if you ever enter Temmie Village. On the Neutral and Pacifist runs, he automatically befriends you in Waterfall, after dodging all of Undyne's spears on the zigzag bridge. He lives in a house only accessible in a room across from the Temmie Village that can only be opened by completing the piano puzzle and having the Annoying Dog steal the artifact.

"I know your kind. And I hate them." [Fight Start]

"Don't give me that bullsh*t. It's too late." [Plead]

"Just shut up, already!" [Plead 2+]

"Do you REALLY want me to try that?" [Challenge]

"JUST DIE!" [Challenge 2+]

"Hey! My bat!" [Steal]

".........(cough) is how my young life ends......why did I expect to defeat you? I just ruined the chance to have a happy life.....and now my family and friends will never see me again." [When you defeat Gavin on the first run]

Flavor Text

You face a pro gamer! How pathetic. [Fight begins]

Gavin glares at you. [Randomly after turn]

Gavin is sweating. [Randomly after turn]

Smells like memes. [Randomly after turn]

Woah, smells like technology. [Randomly after turn]

You tell Gavin that you will end his life, and he gets angry. The attacks are faster now. [Challenge]

You tell Gavin that you can fix things by resetting. He doesn't believe you'll do that. [Plead]

You feel a wave of regret....or do you? [After Plead]

You took his bat. [Taking his bat]

You wonder what you can do to him with this. [After keeping his bat for 4 turns]

You're just the devil now, aren't you? [After keeping his bat for 5 turns and over]


On the Undernet, Gavin has an account by the name of sanicspeed21. He occasionally will post status updates, and often is found on the roleplay boards, or playing a game unidentified by the Undernet.

He has actually tried to convince Alphys to try making a console like the Xbox 360/Xbox One that has a live system that you can play, message, and talk to people, sort of like an underground Xbox Live.


  • Gavin's favorite video game is Mario Kart 8, as of now.
  • Having been around the internet, he also uses a wide range of internet memes.
  • Gavin's soul automatically being Blue references his favorite gaming genre of platforming, and his favorite color. It's also a bit Purple, of course due to his personality. So his soul could be considered Indigo.
  • Gavin has a thing for instruments. His favorite and only is his keyboard, which he will sometimes play when you enter his house.
  • Gavin is the only character in the game that when cussing, has symbols replace a letter or two.
  • Gavin has a cell phone that you can call. You can attempt to steal it, but he will always be there to take it back.
  • Gavin's favorite movies are the Back to the Future movies. He actually once asked Alphys if she had any time travel movies in her collection, but sadly none there was, meaning no BTTF.
  • Gavin also loves YouTuber SiIvaGunner's high quality video game rips. He'll constantly listen to them and reference some of the memes used on the channel. Some are even used in his attacks.


Theme for when you fight him: Type in GAVIN

Theme in general: Superman - Goldfinger


Credit to @Slade the Demon for both the inventive drawings and support.

We all know who Toby Fox is, don't we?

And credit to the makers of ButtonBass for those epic cubes!

Credit to Goldfinger for the awesome song!


Spooky's rendition of myself.

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