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Description & Appearance

Glafe is a cat-like monster who lives in the Underground. He has snowy white fur and yellow eyes. He has a few distinctive black stripe markings on his paws, tail, cheeks and ears. He wears an orange jumper with a navy hoodie over it and black shorts, and his fur floofs up slightly on his head. He's slightly taller than Sans.


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Meowlice were a race of monsters present since when the humans first trapped the monsters into the underground. After many many years most of the population lived near the CORE or in it and very few lived in other regions. When the CORE exploded killing everyone, the remaining monsters feared that they would be wiped out. The first Meowlice has no magic and they were unable to defend themselves. Dr Alphys offered them to hide in her lab where they would be safe. This was before she started experimenting with Determination. They agreed and all the remaining Meowlice evacuated.

After several years of living in the lab and soon after the Amalgamates were created, the mosters begged Dr Alphys to begin experimenting with ways to grant them their greatest wish: To be able to use magic and defend themselves. Alphys extracted the magic from the dust of dead monsters and injected them into her volunteers. The first one died from too much magic and simply faded into nothingness, leaving Alphys extremely depressed. Undaunted, despite knowing the dangers the monsters encouraged Alphys to continue, determined to make sure their kind lived on. On the second try Alphys gave the monster too little and he was unable to do anything. She didn't dare give him another shot incase he died like the first.

It was one of Glafe's parents who suggested that Alphys should use the same amount of magic, only on a younger monster. They suggested that magic didn't come easily to monsters and perhaps it grew with them until there was enough for them to harness. Alphys thought this theory seemed reasonable and when Glafe was dubbed old enough, he was given the injection.

Everyone was impatient as he grew up, all wanting to see if it worked or not. At the age of 12 Glafe still hadn't shown any signs of being able to use magic, and his relatives were getting desperate.

One day at the age of 13 Glafe woke up to see his parents gone. Racing out of the True Lab ignoring Alphys' yells, he bolted out the doors. He was the first known to exit the lab after the Meowlice's initial decision to hide away.

He found nothing but a large pile of dust and a crazed looking monster standing over it. The monster turned to him, opened his mouth and charged.

Glafe had been taught dodging skills when he was in the lab and he applied them during the battle. The monster charged again and again at him, and he dodged each time. At around the 10th time the creature attacked he was suddenly on its back. The tried to buck him off but he clung on, claws digging in. His claws heated up and the creature suddenly screamed, making him lose his grip. When he turned around, the monster was collapsing into dust, burning alive.

When he got back to the lab and explained what happened, Alphys screamed from where she was, excited that her experiment had finally worked. She admitted she has used the magic extracted from a Vulkin, an Icecap and a Pyrope, which means a large variety of attacks he could use.

He trained alone in a special room while Alphys ran more similar tests. Pretty soon he also found he has immune to fire and poison.

At 15 he was given official clearance to leave the lab alone.


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