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"RICHT VULT!" The Glie, as they have came to be known, are a cross-breed of Humans and Monsters that have made their home in the Underland, a place led by the Leader of the Glie, Miss Q. Originally known as the "Demons", recent studying of ancient books tell that these, ehem, "Demons" were in fact wrongly named. Called so because of their sinful origins (The idea of a Human and a Monster procreating disgusted these ancient people), the Demons were eventually renamed the "Glie" by High Priest of the Richten religion, Heinrich Albrecht


Glie resemble Humans with Monster-like features on their bodies. This can range from tails to horns to wings, and some Glie (Such as Katherine and Captain Moldbygg) barely resemble Humans at all. Their monstrous features of course are decided by their Monster parent (Because would it really make sense for a Goat monster to produce a Squid as offspring?), but can still vary greatly even in siblings.

There are, however, a few traits Glie have in common with one another. For one, every Glie has red eyes when they are fully grown, showing their maturity. Though their eyes can be many colours from childhood to their teenage years, a fully matured Glie's eyes will only ever be red (With varying shades of course, some Glie even having pink eyes while others having red eyes so dark they look almost black). Wings are common in Glie, even if neither of their parents possessed any, but it is rather rare for this to occur. 

Finally, Glie are usually quite tall. Taller than the average Human and taller than most Monsters. This is the final way one could tell the difference between a Human and a Glie hiding their features well.


Many, many years ago, even before the War, Glie were frowned upon by Monsters and Humans alike. Though the races had good relations, the thought of interbreeding was sick to both of them. Thus, the Demons lost their original name and were given their new name (Which the majority of them utterly despise). Regarded as outcasts from the rest of the world, the Demons turned to form their own communities where they worshiped a deity known as Richter. Historically, Richter was a famous Demon who had done great feats for Humans, Monsters and Demons alike and many wished to accomplish such feats that he did.

The religion came to be known as Richten, but its violent teachings left many Demons afraid of it rather than relieved by it. The Demons' monarch, King Ymir, officially outlawed the religion and labeled it as a cult during his reign. All preachers of it were to give up their jobs and live normal lives, and those found to continue practicing it even after its outlaw were sentenced to prison. Life continued as normal for the Demons, and then the War began.

Humans and Monsters fought continuously. Demons tried to remain neutral but they could not forever. A battle between the two races occurred in Demonic territory, and King Ymir refused to stand down. Eventually, the Demons were split in half. Half of them assisted the Humans, while the other half assisted the Monsters. Those assisting the Humans won the war and were rewarded with the privilege of staying above ground, and the rest, including any remaining neutral ones, were sent Underground with the Monsters.

The Demons remaining on the surface eventually died out as their Demonic blood did not carry over to any children they had with Humans. The Demons Underground, however, continued to live with the Monsters. They realised that the Underground was far too small to accommodate both Demons and Monsters, however, and so while the Monsters settled in New Home and Hotland, the Demons continued to dig deeper under the orders of King Ymir, and found their own home which they called the Underland.

King Ymir continued to lead the Demons for a while after that. However, he soon died due to supposed allergies to the Underland's water. Strangely enough, he was like any other Demon, and no others experienced any sort of reaction to the stuff. Regardless, due to Ymir not naming any sort of heir, the Underland changed from a Monarchy to a Democracy for a brief time. Various political parties stepped up to lead, however all of them opposed the Richten religion. Strangely enough, these other leaders died similar deaths to King Ymir. Perhaps it's a curse of some sort?

Distraught at the deaths of their many leaders, the Demons turned to the only religion they knew for comfort: Richten. After King Ymir's death it had returned to something no longer feared, and with the promise of the Father that Richter would return to save them all from the Underground, many Demons joined Richten as active believers and were accepted with open arms. Father greatly rose in popularity during these times, and was regarded as even higher than the Underland's true leader - Who was elected as Miss Q.

Sadly, trouble had sturred when Father read old books of Richten. How disastrous - the very mountain they were living in was once a sacred opponent of Richter himself! He got to work, preparing a great speech to deliver to his people. He planned to retake this Holy Land wrongfully stolen from them by the disgusting Monsters. And so, Father delivered his speech to the nation of Demons in the Underland... And they were extremely supportive! Believing it to be the sole trial Richter had in place for them, they assembled their military at once.

Now seeking to reclaim the Holy Land that the Monsters had wrongfully taken from them, the Demons' forces did little more than train - And of course, imprison anyone who dared disagree with their ideals. As long as they could capture the Monster capital of New Home, they would really be set on anything they could put their mind to. And so it began... The Demons' First Crusade!

But forgetting all that for a moment, many Monsters suddenly took interest in the books of Richten when the Underland finally began picking itself up off the ground. Though unwelcome by the Father, their studies soon found things between the pages that he never noticed. Of note, they found that "Glien" (A language spoken early in the book by Richter himself) was also a very popular language in the time before the war. With this information by his hand, Mr. Albrecht had a decision that would ultimately boost the morale of his species: No longer would they be the foul, demonic entities! They would be the proud Glie - A race of the best!

Powers & Abilities

Glie think themselves as the perfect combination of a Human's strength with a Monster's magical prowess. Because of this, most Glie are a midway between Human and Monster in terms of strength but can only reach this if they train themselves for long enough. While they are most definitely not perfect (Unlike their truly perfect cousins) they are indeed quite a threat if they're left unaccounted for in battles and such.

Glie's powers vary greatly, of course. But if they have wings they can probably fly. Pyrokinesis is quite the common ability among Glie and invisibility (Or partial invisibility among less powerful Glie) is another favourite of the race.

After the reintroduction of Richten and the Underland's militarisation, many Glie enlisted in the Glien Army and trained their powers even further than before. Because of this a lot of Glie are skilled in both using Magic and weapons in combat. Some naturally better than others.


Without proper armour, Glie are extremely frail. Even more so than Monsters and Humans. Due to this they obviously create stronger armor than that sold by Monsters in the Underground, but it often costs far more and they have yet to create anything surpassing Tem Armour in strength alone.

The majority of Glie are also brainwashed by the vision of Richten. Believing themselves to be perfect and indestructible, a lot of the more stupid ones will fight any opponent with no remorse. They can be easily outsmarted because of this.


The Underland, which is the home of the Glie, contains 4 main areas just like the Underground. They are as follows:


The area closest to the rest of the Underground. Robon is a massive metropolis with many districts. The best in quality being the Vin District, a very expensive place to live that is worked in by mainly celebrities. Next comes the standard Living District, a regular place where most Glie live and work, it's nothing too impressive. Finally, there's the Smurf District, a former home for the Smurfs turned into a home for criminals like the Captain. It is very small and the housing there is almost nonexistent. Katherine lives here in the Vin District, and previously lived there with Toni and Yasuowl.


The second area of the Underland, and also the smallest. Trae is a quiet little desert town with a small beach to the south. It is generally a very quiet place which makes it a perfect spot for Captain Moldbygg and Alice to come raiding. Recently, it has set up larger defences to hold off the Captain and any sort of Human that may enter... Constable Sheriff Officer Gunter lives here.


The third area of the Underland. Magmaflow is home to the infamous prison of Malatz. Magmaflow looks extremely similar to Waterfall, only with (You guessed it!) flowing magma instead of falling water. Obviously, it is extremely hot in Magmaflow and because of this, only one Glie dares live there. Malatz itself contains all enemies of Richten, who are interrogated and tortured unless they give vital information that will help them in their Crusades. Aruma Eruma is the sole resident of Magmaflow, and is also the prison warden of Malatz.


The final area of the Underland and the most heavily protected by the Glie Army. This is the place where the Leiter lives and works to protect the Glie from the Human and Monster scum. This is also the home of Richten, and many Glie visit here just for the chance to meet the Father or to learn more about Richten or Richter himself. The Leiter lives inside a great castle on the far East of Cerilfan, and the Father lives inside a temple to the North. The two often meet to discuss classified subjects which cannot be mentioned on this page for fear of being sent to Malatz.


  • The border between the Underground and the Underland is heavily guarded by Glien soldiers. Only those accepted by the Richt may pass between the two.
    • Alternatively, one can go past the border by boat. However, since Captain Moldbygg is the only person to sail both the Underland and the Underground's waters, you'd have to convince him to get you past the border in some way...
  • Their battle cry is "RICHT VULT".

Notable Glie

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