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Glitcher was once a normal cat whos curiosity lead him into the underground before Gaster Fell into CORE. He sneaked out of the RUINS,walked through SNOWDIN as fast as possible, as he thought it was to cold. He Sneaked through Waterfalls, but for an unknown reason, it took him longer to get out of Waterfalls. When he got to Hot Lands, he noticed that there was a lab and went in, Gaster was there, but he ignored him. He got curious while in the Lab, and found a bottle of Determination. He thought it was Water with red food coloring and drank it. Shortly After, his body started glitching, and he suddenly got the power to Live after death,(not enough determination to know about timelines, just enough determination for the continue button, he did not even know what a timeline was, nor a reset button)and the ability to shoot fire (the determination was the determination from one of the Mages from the War, and that Mage happened to know how to shoot fire)

Battle Music

Undying theme 2 (Scrapped)

Undying theme 1 (Scrapped)

Geno Theme:

Pacifist Theme: TBD

Neutral Theme: TBD



  • Unknown


  • Unknown


  • None


  • None



  • HP:500
  • AT:5
  • DF:5
  • EXP On Kill:30
  • Gold on Win:15


OPTIONAL* If your character changes stats depending on the run.

  • HP:150
  • AT:1
  • DF:1
  • EXP On Kill:30
  • Gold on Win:15


OPTIONAL* If your character changes stats depending on the run.

  • HP:600
  • AT:10
  • DF:70
  • EXP On Kill:30
  • Gold on Win:15


Check Hug Calm Down (Geno) Ghost Chilly Pepper (if you have it)




(Neutral) hey there human

(Pacifist) hello, i would firs of all, like to thank you for sparing them all, it means a lot to me, and if you did... Y O U W O U L D B E D E A D R I G H T N O W

In Battle

(Geno) This is what you get for Killing THEM

(Geno) You Deserve to be Burning Deeper than HELL

(Geno) You are a Monster, and that, is the reason why i am killing you over and over, YOU are the one who asked for this, YOU are the one who killed them all, and this is your Punishment

(Neutral) Listen i got a Skele-TON of things to do, so can we make this quick?

(Neutral) so... we done fighting yet? im not in the mood

(Neutral) ...

(Pacifist) Thanks for sparing them all

(Pacifist) gonna press the Mercy Button?

(Pacifist when you are about to press Fight) ...why haven't you pressed Mercy yet? Are you going to do Fight!?

(Pacifist) When you gonna press the Mercy Button?

Flavor Text

[Check on Geno] *Glitcher Attack:????????? Defence: ?????????????? *Looks like he is mad that we killed his freinds, (text will turn red) Well WHO *CARES? [Ghost Chilly Pepper] *Glitcher's Attack Rose!

* Glitcher's Defense Dropped A TON

[When he says ...] *Did the creator run out of ideas for text?

[random] *Glitcher looks on the Tablet on his screen that you cant see

[random] *Glitcher seems to be bored to death

[random] *Smells like Glitches


  • When Given Ghost Chilly Peppers, he is Free EXP, unless it is the Beta version, then you are pretty much dead cuz he has 2 Undying forms waiting for you. (the undying forms were scrapped ideas, but i saved the first undying forms sprite and used it for the geno sprite)
  • He sleeps when ever he does not battle.
  • When anyone commits Genocide, he slowly looses control,but at the point in Judgement Hall, He has lost his mind, and fights even when tired, ignoring the consequences.
  • The Act "Calm Down" actually raises his Defence by 50, but makes his next attack easier to dodge.
  • In the Neutral Route, he will occasionally sleep in battle.
  • Before he got his name Glitcher, his name was Aengus, which means Unnaturally strong in Scottish.
  • His 2 scrapped Undying Battles can be found on scratch.


Pokemon (just the design)

Toby Fox (of course)


Early Geno Sprite

Early Geno Sprite ------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Finished Geno Sprite -------------------------------------------------------|



Glitch Littens Genocide Sprite

Finished Geno Sprite-------------------->

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