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Golden Syrup is a war veteran turned small-time thief turned drug dealer and store robber. He is a dog with golden fur, a partially hunched figure and 4 sharp teeth protruding from the mouth. Golden Syrup speaks in a raspy posh English accent and wears a mask with a monocle on when robbing stores or dealing drugs, and usually wears a suit and monocle anyway.

In battle be uses a small dagger to shank people, but doesn't care much for it since he collects knives and daggers in his spare time.


Golden Syrup was a low-rank assassin in the war, usually assassinating low-value targets, not being trusted with higher levels. It is thought his wife and son fought and died in the war, which put him into a deep depression and alcohol addiction.

He then learnt how to make simple drugs and sold for money which would most likely be spent on booze or knives. With his new criminal career he felt like he didn't deserve his name and called himself Golden Syrup. Golden Syrup then started robbing small stores, then moving up in the chain to bank heists until he was arrested. After 10 years in prison he went back to small store heists and drug deals, aiming no higher anymore.


Golden Syrup is a drunken jerk to sum it up, mainly because he is an alcoholic and is a war vet who has lost a lot and is rude because of it. If angered he just becomes an absolute asshole. If complimented on the other hand, he will either have a breakdown of someone being kind to him or be really nice.

When something deemed precious is lost, he will usually have a panic attack until it is found. If his suit gets mud or any type of dirt on it he will have to stop what he's doing and clean it, showing he is extremely 'caring' for his clothes.



  • Unknown


  • Any Other Drug dealer who can rival him


  • Wife (Dead)
  • Son (Dead)
  • Mother and Father (Dead)




HP: 1,000

AT: 5

DEF: 6

EXP On Kill: 30

Gold On Win: 35


HP: 9,000

AT: 15

DEF: 17

EXP On Kill: 60

Gold On Win: 120

ACTS: Sympathize, Joke, Insult



In this Syrup uses his dagger to swing and stab at the player, and attempts to bite them with his sharp teeth. To spare the player must either survive 5 rounds or use joke 3 times. If insult is used the fight will last another 3 rounds no matter what and his attacks slightly speed up.


Golden Syrup use his vast collection of knives and daggers to throw at the player, and to stab and swing as per usual but at a much faster speeds. He also uses his claws to attack, and will still bite, but at much faster speeds.


  • Anything you've been through human are a walk in the park compared to what I've gone through. (Sympathize 1+)
  • Well I suppose it would come one day... (Death)
  • Heh, that wasn't too bad (Joke 1 and 2)
  • You know what? You can go now (Spare available)


  • He was called Charles Goldenheim.

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