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Gordisama is a vampire Basilisk with black scales edged with purple at the ends. He is large for a Basilisk, resulting in higher health, atk, and defense, but he also slow in movement. He is considered a 'friendly' giant, but he doesn't back down from a challenge. He hates being woken up, especially before 10AM, and will usually whap whoever wakes him up. Unfortunately he doesn't know his own strength, and can make others hit the ground.

His eyes are dark blue, and are often described as 'planning something.' While, as said before, he always seems friendly, he is actually evil. He uses people to his opportunity, and plans to rule at least his own small kingdom. He does not like bright lights, as he has light sensitivity. Unlike most Basilisks, he prefers attack someone to near death, then turn them to stone to use as a trophy.

He usually sleeps on a flat slab of stone. He only has fangs, no teeth, however he swallows food whole. he has a forked tongue, which he sometimes 'hiss-talks' to seem intimidating. He is four fingered, and has a scorpion tail. He lives in Hotlands mainly, but occasionally moves between areas




Friends: Few residents in all areas

Enemies: Royal guards Shyren A random Woshua named Elixas


HP: 4000

AT: 52

DF: 40


EXP: 85

GOLD: 65


LV: 4

EXP: 46

Gold: 534


Check: [ AT, DF, Wants to turn you into a trophie. ]

Stare: [ You stare into his eyes. You feel sluggish. ] (speed -15% for battle, 3 time use), [ You don't think thats a good idea ]


Venomous - A slow, painful poison that deals small damage over time.

Blend - His dark scales allow blending with the dark easily.

Scorpion tail - he can stab with it, which can poison.


"Well... hello there." -meeting him.

"Ergh-" -Hit once

"Stop it." -2nd hit

"..." -3rd hit

"Please?" -4th hit

"I asked nicely..." -5th hit



I forgot the OC's name by the time I got to the trivia

The ENTIRE OC was typed out in a linux bash terminal using the undertale font.

I actually treated this OC as an Agarif early in development, even though it was planned to be a Basilisk all along.

This is my first truly evil character.


BenAlien - For both permission to use the Basilisk species and... uh... requesting I make the OC in the first place.


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