"How can I help you, little child?"
-Grace, asking the protagonist if they need help.


Grace is a human, who fell down in the Underground. Her SOUL is colored in emerald and its trait is Benevolence. She is 16 years old. Personality-wise, she is thoughtful of others and is decently prudent. She is calm and talks politely and gently. She is tolerant and kind to others. She is a pacifist and cannot harm a single butterfly and would cry over it. She is also very generous and will donate her belongings to see someone happy and grateful. She has an obsession where she ballet dances almost everywhere.

She can be modest about her abilities and has a sensitive heart when it comes to emotions. She is also brave, willing to protect others from the protagonist, if they chose the Genocide Route. She is graceful (the other meaning; being polite even though upset or treated unfairly) no matter the situation. She is extremely altruistic, asking many questions if someone is sad, and will bake a loaf of bread for them.

She is very elegant when dancing. She took ballet classes when she is 9 and quits when she is 15. She prioritizes anyone she comes across first. Example, she will always fan a person who feels hot first than herself. She is reverent to her friends, enemies and others. She will treat them the same compassion and kindness and desires to help every monster and human. She also has experience of casting magic. Her origin of her magic is from her school, where they train students in any kind of magic. She excelled on green magic.


 Although calm, she has an intriguing past, her parents are greedy and selfish, refusing to donate a single cent to a beggar. This cause is the reason why she is very rich. Once, Grace gave all of her food to a starving dog and was beaten up for it. Her parents are abusive and would resolve into force if she is not obedient. Her parents are very inflexible and won't listen to Grace. Despite the abuse, Grace is very persistent to donate and other people. She went to Mt. Ebott because she wants to get away from her abusive parents. But, she fell down after she tripped from a vine. She thought she was going to die, but she woke up sooner. She was very terrified and scared, but she has to move on. Then, she met Flowey, who almost killed her. She lost her trust for Flowey, but lets the grudge go. 


She wears a green turtleneck sweater, along with a pair of orange jeans. Most notable for having a crimson bow on her long, pale blue ponytail and brings her rolling pin, but usually it is kept. She has a white complexion, almost pale. She wears a pair of blue boots (with stockings) and has pale blue hair, combined with azure eyes. She has her black apron on her sweater. The reason why she wears so simply is because she is very modest about her clothing. Her body shape is straight; little to no curves. She is 175 centimeters tall and 48 kilograms heavy.


She is known for her bakery. She thinks of it as "fun and relaxing", however that is not her motive. Her motive is to send food to the poor. She uses the kitchen at her parents' house. Her parents approve of this and lets her do whatever she wants with it. Her most common recipe is bread. She makes them and sends them to the poor and homeless as their food.


FIGHT (Inaccessible because of her SOUL's trait; Benevolence)


  • CHECK (Shows the monster's problem rather than information)
  • HELP (Once checked, she can help the monster.)


  • DONATE (She can donate her items to the monster.)


  • SPARE (She can ONLY spare.)


HP at LV 1: 20

HP at LV 20: 110

ATK (including weapon): 5

DEF (including armor): 4

Weapon: Rolling Pin (This pin has so much memories in it.)

Armor: Fragrant Apron (This apron smells like fresh bread. Heals 2 HP after three turns.)

SOUL: Benevolence (in an emerald green)

This soul uses Repel Mode. Similar to Shield Mode, you have to repel the attacks from all four directions.


Food, Insult, Compliment, Help, Knead (only available when help 3 times)

Sparing requirements

Use help twice, then knead three times.



  • Father and Mother


  • The protagonist (Pacifist/Neutral Route)


  • The protagonist (Genocide Route)
  • Father and Mother



  • Three rolling pins will appear above the protagonist's SOUL. If a pin is ready to roll, a warning sign in that row will be issued. Then, the pin will roll downwards very quickly.

Repel Mode

  • The protagonist's SOUL is then changed into emerald green. They have to repel attacks from four directions, similar to Shield Mode.

Photoshop Flowey

  • Similar to Green SOUL, there will be three rolling pins. The pins will spin 360-degree as they leave a trail of flour. Then it will shape into dough and attack the protagonist's SOUL. If the ACT button is used, the dough projectiles will turn into bread, which heals the protagonist.



"Hello, child!" [Encounter]

"Would you like some bread?" [Food]

"I appreciate your insult, but I won't keep it personally!" [Insult]

"Go on if you like!" [Insult #2]

"Is it my turn? I'll pass. I don't want to make you cry..!" [Insult #3]

"Aw. Thank you for the compliment!" [Compliment]

"Oh, that's okay, child. Thank you for your kindness!" [Help]

"Child, I know you like to help, but I think I'll manage my own." [Help #2]

"Since you want to help badly, here! A dough. Can you knead it into a loaf, please?" [Help #3]

"Wow! You kneaded it very diligently for a child. Thank you!" [Knead]

"Child, that is enough now." [Knead #2]

"Oh my. You made a sculpture of me! How nice! Let me bake this and you can eat it." [Knead #3]

"Very well, because you have been so polite and kind, I will spare you!" [If sparing requirements are met.]

"I believe that we have finished our baking session. But, I hate to see you go alone...I know! Why not I will give you my phone number! If you need to know something, just call me!" [Grace' final words before she departs to her home.]

"Oh no...I am dying...that is okay...I forgive you, sinner...but please, spare some monsters too...that is my final wish...but I am afraid it will not come'll let you go on your way...dear child." [Grace's last words before she steps away.]

Flavor Text

  • The baker has arrived. [Encounter]
  • Smells like fresh bread.
  • You patted your stomach, signaling that you're hungry. [Food]
  • You insulted Grace. She laughs it off. Your insult did not hurt her. [Insult]
  • You insulted her again. She laughs it off again. [Insult #2]
  • You complimented Grace. She seems appreciative of your compliment. [Compliment]
  • You offer Grace help, she appreciated your offer but she declined. [Help]
  • You offer Grace help again. This time she accepts it. [Help #2]
  • You kneaded the dough. It became a cute loaf. [Knead]
  • You kneaded again. The loaf became bigger. [Knead #2]
  • You kneaded the dough again. It became a statue of Grace. How?! [Knead #3]
  • Grace is damaged. [Half HP]
  • Farewell to Grace. She is now weak. [Low HP]


  • She speaks in a soft, mild and tender demeanor, because she does not want to hurt other people's feelings.
  • Grace has understanding towards the monsters' trapped in eternity, since she is also trapped before running away from her parents.
  • She has a tendency to bake a lot bread, but she has controlled this kind of desire.
  • She is kind-hearted to everyone. That is why she knows a lot of people.
  • She is an early bird, waking up at 4 AM. She sleeps at 6 PM.

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