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  • Are you happy now, Grar?


Grar'Thuk, more commonly known as simply Grar, is a thin, tall monster with black skin. Most of his height is from his tall skinny legs. He wears no clothes, since his body is completely flat (no genital organs). His face is badly scarred (see Backstory), and his hair is a little long but thinning. His eyes are big and yellow, but not intimidating or scary. They seem to contain more sadness than anger. Perhaps the creepiest thing about him is the absence of a mouth. The area where his mouth is supposed to be is just a smooth, flat expansion of skin. The way he speaks is weird, a voice speaking from the air above. He can emit the voice from wherever he wants.


Grar holds a lot of hatred in his heart towards the royal family. He can be inconsiderate and straightforward. If he thinks you're stupid, he'll just say it right to your face. Grar fears no one, as his many years in solitude molded him into a fearless creature. He is hard to anger, and is patient, but if you do anger him, prepare yourself for the fight of your life. Grar'Thuk is a solitary creature, and feels weird among a group.


Grar'Thuk used to be one of Asgore's most trusted guards, and one of Chara and Asriel's best friends. He used to be a very cheerful and nice person. However, as he started to spend more time with Chara, he realized how evil Chara was... When Chara died, Grar made the mistake of saying: "Perhaps that was for the best."

Horrified and unable to think straight, Asgore sentenced Grar'Thuk to execution. Most people didn't even know that existed in the Underground. Grar didn't until that moment. When waiting in his jail cell, he had a dream. In his dream, Grar was a star. He was falling from space to a mysterious blue and green sphere. "This is the surface." A voice whispered in his ear. "When the guards come to get you, escape to Waterfall. You will be safe there."

Indeed, he managed to escape. But not before being badly scarred on the face by one of the guards' dagger.

Now he hides in a cave in Waterfall, biding his time for revenge. Even against Toriel, who didn't say a word when Asgore wanted to execute him.


Battle Speech Text

"I can promise you a fast death if you don't struggle." [Battle start]

"HA! I've seen Froggits more intimidating than you, kiddo." [Threaten]

"... I've seen too many horrors to be afraid of you." [Threaten #2]

"YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME!" [Threaten after #2]

"... Piss off, kid." [Flirt]


"... Ouch. You're tough, I'll tell you that. Don't get a big head though. You'll never survive, where you're going." [Before Death]

Interactions (In-Game)


He's pretty much a secret character.

First seen in Waterfall. He is seen sitting on the floor, legs crossed, staring at a wall, in the room with the echo flower where Undyne sets Frisk up. If you go back to the room after you've gone up, you see him there. Upon interaction, he will say: "Well well, another human... The last one I saw faced a horrible fate, and brought another one upon me." Then he will shortly disappear in a poof of smoke. The player will hear the sound of Undyne coming back and will be forced to escape.

Next, he will be chatting with Onionsan. None of the conversation is heard. When the player enters the room, Grar'Thuk will turn around to speak with them. "Look, kid... If you want to kill Asgore, I'm not going to stop you. You'll just save me a lot of effort. If you find trouble fighting Asgore, call me during the fight. I will try to deal as much damage as I could, but the actual fight is up to you."

Then he gives the player his phone number, and disappears.

Onionsan will not seem so cheerful anymore, as if bothered by what Grar told him.

He isn't seen until the Asgore fight, where in the [Act] menu, you will be able to call Grar. He will appear, holding a curved blade. Asgore's eyes will widen.

Grar will say the following: "Remember me, old man?"

He will then slash his sword at Asgore, dealing 300 damage. He will then disappear. He cannot kill Asgore. The final blow must be by the player.

If the player kills Asgore, Grar will be waiting for them, smiling for the first time. He will say: "I'm proud of ya, kid. The queen was also taken care of" (If the player had spared Toriel)

If the player Spares Asgore, then Grar will kill him himself, telling the player: "YOU'RE A COWARD!" The Grar'Thuk fight will commence. When Grar is defeated (must be killed), the normal Photoshop Flowey bossfight will be triggered.


Not so secret.

First seen after Sans threatens the player in Snowdin. He will say: "Don't worry kid, I'll take care of that bone-head. You keep going." Then he disappears.

He isn't seen again, but Sans will appear to be bruised in his battle.

If the player stops Genocide anytime during the run, a special boss fight (WIP) will be initiated.

Stats (Normal Grar)

HP: 15000

Attack: 50


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